Vitamin D Plummets Each Winter – Act Now!

 optimum-vitamin-d-levels-dog-in-sunglasses-and-hat-imageDr. Ray Matthews, who is the assistant professor of surgery at the Moorehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, has published a landmark study on the benefits of vitamin D (1).

His report showed that his patients with optimum vitamin D levels had shorter length of stays in the hospital, decreased hospital casts, decreased readmission rates and better and longer lives.

He states that the government’s current recommendation for normal levels of vitamin D at 30 ng/mL is too low. He requires all his hospital patients to be around 50 ng/mL.

The report goes on to say that all animals in the wild have vitamin D levels around 50 ng/mL, but if they go into to captivity their vitamin D levels plummet.

According to his research, within the first 24-48 hours of being in the hospital, vitamin D levels drop by 50%. That means if you go into the hospital with a level of 30 ng/mL, which is considered normal, your numbers can drop to a very dangerously low level of 15 ng/mL within the first two days.

Vitamin D has many functions, none of which is greater than its support for immunity. Immune support is critical when entering a hospital or, for most of us, the immune challenging winter months ahead!

Vitamin D actually functions as a steroid hormone that supports the protection and healthy function of over 2000 genes. Dr. Matthews says that you cannot have optimal healthy athletic performance or cognitive health without optimized vitamin D levels.

The late summer and early fall is the best time of year to check your vitamin D levels, as it is the highest it will be all year. If you are below 50 ng/mL now, it’s a big hint that levels will be much lower in the winter when you need it the most!



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