Hot Topics: Tips for a Cool Summer

summer vegetables sprinklers imagePhew – America is on fire this summer. I speak to folks around the country and it seems like the whole continent is over heating. Here in Colorado we had one of the hottest springs on record.

Summer is always a time to cool down with naturally occurring fruits and veggies, but we never seem to eat enough of them to do the trick.

I encourage all of you this summer to eat “extra veggies” this season. In honor of our free 3-Season Diet Challenge, I am challenging all of you to eat a ridiculous amount of summer vegetables. So, how much is ridiculous?:

  • 2/3 of each meal should be veggies (fresh, raw or lightly steamed).
  • 1/3 of each meal is split between your protein and starches.

Should vata types eat mostly cooked veggies, you might ask? Yup, but really only in the fall and winter. Now, in the heat of summer, all body types will do best with veggies that are raw, crunchy and lightly steamed. The cellulose in veggies scrub the gut and remove toxic bile and cholesterol. Vegetables also deliver antioxidants that cleanse the blood. All this allows the gut to make up to 95% of the neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, and absorb the essential fatty acids that are so needed to balance vata.

Aren’t starches bad, you might ask? Nope! Only eating veggies and protein can cause excess fat metabolism which, over time, can lead to kidney damage. So the idea is not to be extreme!!!

Eat balanced meals including good starches (such as peas, corn, squash, rice and barley), proteins and a ridiculous amount of veggies.

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