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Why Slow Yoga?

video_Why Slow Yoga_lg_2014

Average Reading Time: 6 minutes, 5 seconds Today, yoga classes are available on a drop in, as-needed basis, but traditionally, yoga was prescribed by the family Vedic guru (teacher) whose job was to teach the children the ways of a Vedic lifestyle. This of course included the practices of yoga, […]

Love, Sex and Yoga

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 34 seconds According to Ayurveda, there are subtle pathways that carry spiritual energy in the body called nadis. These pathways are so subtle that they are invisible until they are activated or in use. The best analogy for the elusive nature of the nadis is […]

Brain Fog Linked to Age Spots

radiant brain

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 2 seconds About 60% of people studied in the late-middle-age range showed signs of significant brain aging. (1) For years, these changes have been considered just benign age spots on the brain, but new research has revealed their cognitive impact. Once called simply “age spots,” these […]

The Magic of Yoga, Breathing and Meditation

Magic of YBM

Do you prefer yoga to meditation? Or meditation to yoga? For many of us in the western world, moving our bodies is a lot easier than sitting with our unruly minds. For others, a daily yoga practice is just too much to ask, but meditation feels doable. With yoga, breathing […]

Change Stress to Joy in One Minute

One minute meditation

During the holidays our “joy” is sometimes overshadowed by the stress and strain of the holiday season.  In this newsletter, I’ve included a short instructional video on what I like to call “The One Minute Meditation.” Watch my short video below to learn how to do this quick one minute reset […]

One Minute Meditation


I think one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and help with insomnia is to meditate. My favorite meditation technique is this One Minute Meditation. It pumps oxygen into your brain so your brain begins to feel from the heart rather than think from the mind.Let your heart be […]