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How to Grow Your Good Bugs This Fall

Autumn Sunshine

If you thought neurons were specific to your brain, think again. As it turns out, there are 100 million neurons in the gut wall that connect 100 trillion of the guts’ microbes to the human brain. These bugs literally make the brain chemicals (they are actually manufactured in the gut, […]

It’s All about the Bugs in Your Gut

bugs in gut second brain hands making heart over navel image

Perhaps the most exciting research in the field of health today concerns the bacteria that line our digestive tract. In fact, we have about ten times as many bacterial cells in the body as human cells! So, are we mostly human or mostly bacteria? No doubt we carry way more […]

This Is Your Brain on Bugs

microbes and the mind video image still

New research in the field of epigenetics has shown that our genes are being changed not only by what we touch but by what we believe, think and experience (3, 4). The fascinating twist is that these experiences, beliefs and thoughts are being processed not just through our brains – […]