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The New Source of Intelligence

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Recently, I reported on how the microbes in the gut have a measurable effect on the mind and mood. For example: In one study, the fecal matter from fearless mice was replaced with fecal matter from anxious mice. The result was that the fearless mice became anxious. When reversed, the […]

Paleo Diet – Bugs Gone Wild

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Eating a diet of hunted animals and gathered veggies as the cavemen did may not be as heart healthy as is being touted by the Paleo Diet gurus. New research has found that people who got heart disease had higher levels of a seemingly healthy nutrient in the body called […]

It’s All about the Bugs in Your Gut

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Perhaps the most exciting research in the field of health today concerns the bacteria that line our digestive tract. In fact, we have about ten times as many bacterial cells in the body as human cells! So, are we mostly human or mostly bacteria? No doubt we carry way more […]

This Is Your Brain on Bugs

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New research in the field of epigenetics has shown that our genes are being changed not only by what we touch but by what we believe, think and experience (3, 4). The fascinating twist is that these experiences, beliefs and thoughts are being processed not just through our brains – […]

Do You Need a Fecal Transplant?

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Have you ever heard of a fecal transplant? It’s exactly what it sounds like – the fecal matter from one individual gets transplanted into the intestinal tract of another. The question is, why? There is mounting evidence that replacing the flora of your gut with a healthy and more diverse […]

Copper Is Back


In a recent study published in the Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 650 ICU patients were studied over a one year period. Sixteen ICU hospital rooms were used during this study. Half of the rooms had copper-surfaced objects placed inside and the other half did not. Both rooms […]