Surprising Research to a Trimmer Waistline!

tea man drinking from mug imageIn a study presented at the First International Congress on Abdominal Obesity (1), men who drank more than two cups of tea each day had less abdominal fat than men who either drank coffee, or no tea nor coffee.

In the 2003-2004 US National Health and Nutrition Survey, almost 4,000 tea or coffee drinkers were evaluated. Coffee consumption was not associated with abdominal obesity in men or women.

Men who drank tea with sugar were associated with a 1 inch smaller waistline. When artificial sweeteners were used, waistlines increased by nearly 2 inches.

Women who used milk in their tea had a waistline that was two-thirds of an inch smaller. Women who added artificial sweeteners had an average 1 inch larger waistline.

A small waistline may look good, but compelling research has also linked extra belly fat to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

1. – February 17, 2010
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