Perfecting Digestion: The Gateway to Emotional Freedom

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The effect that our moods, thoughts, feelings and emotions have on digestion and its 100 trillion residents is the new science. (1,2,3) Notably, the effect that our digestion has on the mind and its feelings, thoughts and emotions is just as profound!

We live in a new world where the old saying, “what you eat, you become” has been upgraded by modern science to include, “what you think, you become,” “what you feel, you become,” and “what you see, you become.” (3)

Digestion and the Mind: A Symbiotic Relationship

To live in optimal health on this planet, it is becoming a requirement to understand the impact your moods and thoughts have on your digestion, and how to evaluate, fix, and repair broken parts of the digestive system in order to keep the 100 trillion beneficial microbes in your gut happy campers.

Furthermore, studies tell us that there are strains of microbes that specifically support our mood and cognitive abilities. (1,2)

Become an Astute Evaluator of Your Digestion

We know that our microbes are affected by stress, eating processed foods that won’t go bad on a shelf or in the fridge, as well as the toxins we are exposed to daily.

We know that when you have indigestion, constipation, food intolerances or even a simple issue of gas and bloating, it is a sign that the environment that supports a healthy and diverse microbiome is damaged.

Being an astute evaluator of your digestive process may very well be the most effective way (at this point in time) to monitor the good microbes in your gut – whom are responsible for your mood, immunity, blood sugar, bone density, longevity and just about every other bodily function.

We also know that our feelings directly impact the microbes, who in turn morph our genetic code. (3) If you are constantly stressed, if you eat your food while angry, hurried or stressed, these emotions will charge the food and carry those negative emotions through the intestines, wreaking havoc not only on your digestion, but in time on the whole body and, more importantly, on your genetic code. (3) Preventing your genetic code or your telomeres (the protective endings on your chromosomes) from expressing negative traits is also part of the new science, and an aspect that ancient Ayurvedic principles understood.

I am so inspired as I report on study after study proving the ancient and profound principles of Ayurveda. I recently filmed a special live 8 hour presentation on how to perfect your digestion and free yourself from old destructive emotional patterns. According to Ayurveda, these two are intimately linked, and today we are building a body of research that is proving this intimate connection between our first and second brains.

I’m excited to say that this is the first time I have recorded what I really consider my life’s work, where I put it all together – all the most profound Ayurvedic principles and the modern science to back it up. Thanks to my friends at Floracopeia, this material is now available to everyone in a comprehensive video eCourse. I encourage you all not to miss this very special event.

As a free gift to all my listeners, we recorded 3 transformational videos titled “A Radical Approach to Transforming Your Health,” that will hopefully inspire you to join me in my mission to help everyone free themselves from emotional stress, strain and pain by scrubbing every aspect of digestion and begin to digest like an 18-year-old once again, starting with yourself. This free video series is available to anyone here.

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