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We are not currently offering Panchakarma retreats. We will be offering a new and improved version of Panchakarma in the future.
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It has been said that the Ayurvedic Therapist is the soul of the clinic.Because they have the most prolonged and intimate contact with the patient, our LifeSpa Ayurvedic Therapists focus on these qualities of heart and intention:

  • The Ayurvedic Therapist feels and exhibits sincere concern for each patient’s physiological and psychological well-being.
  • The Ayurvedic Therapist possesses a very pure intention to help the patient. The intention to help and nurture is the most important quality for a therapist to own.
  • The Ayurvedic Therapist enjoys physical work and expressing love through the hands and sense of touch.
  • The Ayurvedic Therapist gives total attention to the patient during the treatment. The patient should always feel that they are receiving the most royal treatment and that the therapist’s concern is only for them.
  • The Ayurvedic Therapist possesses and nurtures good feelings towards co-workers.
  • The Ayurvedic Therapist must be able to manage conflict and stress with clients and co-workers by realizing that the solution in Ayurveda is to all-ways Give and Love over being right or wrong.
  • The Ayurvedic Therapist has a balanced sense of personal responsibility and functions well as a team member.
  • The attitude of the Ayurvedic Therapist reflects pride in their work. The therapist’s physical appearance is clean, neat and well-groomed at all times.
  • The Ayurvedic therapist makes the commitment to be sober, well-rested and have a proper meal break. The ability to care for the patient depends on the therapist being well-rested, happy, and healthy.
  • The therapist always leaves their personal issues, judgments and moods outside of the treatment room.


Our Therapists


Allison, Panchakarma Therapist at LifeSpaI discovered bodywork at Esalen Institute, while soaring high above the Pacific Ocean on the cliffs of Big Sur, California. My practitioner created a safe space for my nervous system to relax and encouraged the subtlest of sensations to arise. I began to understand that many energetic influences were contributing to my experience here on earth. What was all of this activity happening under the surface? I was hooked.  I continued my study of somatic therapies, including Hatha Yoga. I found that the brilliance of this type of work is acceptance. By accepting everything just as it is, we create space for our innate healing wisdom to unfold and for transformation to occur. I am committed to transformation. My bodywork is a space for acceptance and awareness. Come and take a journey with me into our wisdom.


Cathy, Panchakarma Therapist at LifeSpaI consider myself a guardian of the knowledge of Ayurveda. My specialty is Panchakarma. The authenticity through which I was taught reflects in my work, whether working on a client or training the LifeSpa therapists. Whatever one’s life journey, whatever draws one to Ayurveda, whatever draws one to experience Panchakarma, the process of Panchakarma brings connection with one’s Self, with the divine, the reality of who we are. It is a delight to observe this transformation. I love my work!

I began my work in 1984 as a Panchakarma Therapist and Trainer through Maharishi Ayurveda Medical Center in Fairfield, Iowa. Doctors of Ayurvedic medicine from India, vaidyas, taught the entire staff the origins and basic principles of ayurvedic theory as well as the authentic hands on therapies of rejuvenation, detoxification and cleansing. As a trainer of their therapists, I was given the title of “Maintaining the Purity of the Knowledge as it was Taught” and still take that role very seriously when I train our LifeSpa therapists. I am passionate about Ayurveda and hope that I will ignite this passion in everyone I touch through this work.


I have had a lifelong interest in holistic healing arts and studying massage therapy was the gateway into that world. After receiving my first massage, I knew that the experience had a profound effect on my body and mind, yet couldn’t quite pinpoint what that effect was. My curiosity had been piqued and I was ready to know more. Over the years I have developed a deeper understanding of the powerful mind-body connection.I hold the intention to provide a safe and nurturing space for others to explore that connection for themselves. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda holds the framework from which I make decisions about my own health and supporting the health of others. As a healing arts practitioner, I acknowledge that we are not in need of being fixed, only of being reminded of our true wholeness.


Pavandeep, Panchakarma Therapist at LifeSpaSince a small child I have been on a journey of exploring energy, how it moves us, and how it heals us.This exploration lead me to complete a Massage Program in 1999 with ongoing training in the world of Bodywork and Yoga.I come with a desire for understanding our physical body as well as the energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies our being encompasses.How can we support our bodies to naturally heal themselves?I draw from many traditions and feel that Ayurveda is one of the most sacred forms to bring us back into our true alignment as humans.Being a practitioner of Yoga, I have had many experiences of my own healing, awakening, and growth towards my own truth.It is my mission to continue on a path of connecting with our innate sense of healing and being while sharing this universal wisdom with all.  Many thanks to all my Spiritual Teachers and Healers.