Panchakarma Success Stories

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A huge thank you to you and your team for my PK week.  You guys did it again: I left feeling real relief and ultimately real hope that I will get fully healthy as I travel on the new roads I have paved (am paving…!) following PK.  Everyone I touched at Lifespa simply oozed with care, compassion and knowledge.  You do such good work John and I am so grateful I signed up for your Kripalu workshop 3 years ago – a life changing moment for me – yes, it is taking time for me to change all my ways but it is becoming more engrained with each Lifespa interaction and that is a good thing.
~ SW, PK Patient, June 2014


It was a life-changing experience. It helped me realize what is important in life: your family and your relationships. I believe this week will impact the rest of my life as well as the ones around me. The time I spent with John helped me a lot to clarify my past, my emotions, and my understanding about love. Thanks a lot for a wonderful experience. Everybody was wonderful.
-Julio G, PK Patient, March 2014
John, I am truly grateful for this experience at LifeSpa. You have created an exceptional program that I felt on every level of my being. I feel myself back on track. All the various experiences at LifeSpa nourished and regenerated the rememberance of who I am and the truth of others. Tauna, you are a beautiful wise woman whose presence is balm for the soul. Time with you helped ground my PK experience and I really enjoyed our sharing. Time with John, receiving help and insight on how to work with and overcome illusions about myself and others. Coming away with a health plan giving me riverbanks for routine at home. Reconnecting with my inner peace practicing the rounds over and over.
-Heather P, PK Patient, November 2013
Overall my experience at LifeSpa was a good one. Everyone at LifeSpa was very nice and accommodating. For example, Jen went out of her way to not only find my lunch but also brought my yoga mat to the LookOut Inn. The treatments were amazing! The therapists were very nice and caring. They looked after the patient’s comfort at all times. My appointments with Dr. John were great! Unlike other doctors, he came up with a total different cause for my ailment (one which makes a lot of sense) and different plan of action.
-Anonymous, 2013
The first 2 times doing PK I felt tired so it was easy not to feel my typical anxiety and busy brain. Although those were incredible experiences and helped me overcome a 30 year eating disorder. This time was spiritually transformational. I didn’t even realize I had so much to accomplish – I just thought it was time for a break from life and I needed an alignment. This 3rd time I never got exhausted. I just felt calm, relaxed, still, able to think. I did tons of yoga, breath work and meditation (i was too tired the last 2 times for all that).

I learned so much about myself and life. The herbs are supportive but no side effects. I’m really looking forward to going home refreshed. I feel a stronger connection to my Self, my heart and the people I love. It’s incredible. And I just feel joyful, happy and light.

I bought a sign once that said, “Create a life that feels good on the inside instead of just building one that looks good from the outside.” Dr. John and LifeSpa taught me how to do that. I love the new spa on the second floor with the bathroom and resting area. It’s like walking up the stairs to a private special heaven.
-Julie H, PK Patient, October 2013
Dr. John and the LifeSpa staff, It was a pleasure to meet all of you! What an amazing group of people with such loving and compassionate energy. Everyone made me feel so welcome from the first moment, which left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling all week. Thank Tauna for all of your patience and kindness leading up to this wonderful week. Thank you to Brenda and Jen – it was so nice to see your smiling faces each day! Thank you to all of the therapists! You are all so wonderful and I have never felt so pampered and loved! Thank you Dr. John for your compassion and wisdom!

Thank you all so very much for a life altering week. I believe what I am already experiencing is only the tip of the iceberg! I appreciate and am very grateful to all of you! Love,
-Tara Y, PK Patient, September 2013
Everyone is so kind, professional, gentle, caring and great at what they do.So calming and relaxing.Thank you for an unforgettable week.
-Elizabeth B.,Panchakarma Patient September 2013
I had an amazing experience during Panchakarma at LifeSpa and would recommend the program to anyone who needed a hard reset on life. My time with Dr. Douillard was very beneficial and made the whole program complete.The food delivery was a great benefit and Tauna, Brenda and Jen were very helpful.All the therapists were amazing!

Sara S.August 2013 were all new to me and super indulgent:I loved my sessions with Dr. John:I felt very supported, heard and trust his opinions on the body, mind and spirit.What a treasure of a sanctuary my mornings (consults) were.Tauna was awesome!Thanks for all the time and advice and making it all go so smoothly.I had a great week and learned a lot and have work to continue.Thank you all!!
-Lynn V.,Panchakarma Patient August 2013
I have fallen deeply in love with myself again.Thank you! I had NO idea what to expect on this Panchakarma journey- it truly rocked my heart and soul.It has been a precious, unforgettable experience. All the therapists are Earth angels!
-Rachaell K.,Panchakarma Patient August 2013
Every interaction with LifeSpa people has been warm and supportive.From the first phone call, the consult, and the unique welcome made me realize I made a great decision.

The massages were incredible.Every one of the therapists was loving; I felt love in every touch.Given the opportunity, I would lie on that table all day.
-Marge P.,Panchakarma Patient August 2013
No words to describe how wonderful the entire experience was- beyond wonderous.I am so deeply grateful for this blessing.Thank you Dr. D for all your dedication to bringing this beautiful way of being in the world.
-Maria V.,Panchakarma Patient July 2013
Wonderful! This was my first treatment here after doing my first cleanse.I could feel the energy and blood flowing throughout my treatment.Cathy was amazing energy and touch and very good at explaining the steps, etc. of the treatments.
-Sunny M., Panchakarma Patient June 2013
I felt cared for and loved.The realization, once realized, seems so obvious now, but it was really the whole process, all the pieces, that contributed to making these realizations happen.I am truly grateful:the end result is priceless.
-Nancy F.,Panchakarma Patient May 2013
Well, this was so much more than I expected.I came here to deal with some minor health issues so I imagined PK would benefit my body.I was blown away by how much it also balanced my spirit- and my mind.Pretty amazing.

(Dr. John is) very intuitive- but not just about body/healthy issues, he’s also in tune with what’s driving (or not driving) your soul and your mind.Pretty incredible.

The spa treatments were out of this world amazing!Words defy me.

I am so glad I chose this instead of a trip to Paris!
-Donna B.,Panchakarma Patient March 2013
It was a challenge to get here, financially and otherwise.I looked all over to find the right place for Panchakarma and I feel I chose well.The therapists are the very heart of Panchakarma at LifeSpa.I was moved over and over by their kindness, concern and focus.I sense that their work is part of their spiritual practice and it shows.I am grateful.Thank you Tauna for your smile and your consistent helpfulness and attention to detail.They are precious qualities.
-Helen G.,Panchakarma Patient March 2013
John, I profoundly thank you for the impact you have had on my life and specifically for the healing which has taken place in my relationship with my Mom.Your commitment to overall health and healing makes such a huge difference in my life:and in this world.I thank you for the difference you have made in my life and, dare I say:in the life of my Mom.
-Terri B.,Panchakarma Patient March 2013
It was wonderful!I feel my body / my being is slowly coming back to life!!From the prep before I arrived to the closing meeting, not a detail was forgotten.All communication was through and clear, so that even when facing so many new things I felt clear on what I should be doing.Everyone I came in contact with was so compassionate, caring, detail-oriented and helpful.I am so grateful to everyone who I touched during my PK week.
~ Anonymous, Panchakarma Patient March 2013

Dear PK Therapist Team,
Thank you for an incredibly hopeful week.Thanks to your healing hands you helped start to breathe some life into my body again!!For that, I am forever grateful. You were all compassionate, caring and so detail oriented.Please know how much it is appreciated.
With gratitude to you all,
-Sally W., Panchakarma Patient February 2013
My experience at LifeSpa was peaceful and loving.I felt completely surrounded by consciousness and intelligence by people who truly understand what it means to be healthy, well and in touch with what is really important in life.It was a wonderfully nurturing gift to myself!
It was wonderful to lie in silence and observe.I found having the time and stillness in my life to just be, to journal, to do yoga, to meditate, pray:to just BE! That is my new mission in life.
~ Anonymous, Panchakarma Patient February 2013
Dear John,I wanted to write a separate letter to express my sincere gratitude to you and your LifeSpa family.I had such a magical experience at LifeSpa during my Panchakarma retreat.

I want to thank Tauna, Micah and Jen for their patient presence while helping to schedule my retreat, order supplements and supplies I needed and get all of my questions answered before, during and after my Panchakarma.They are very peaceful souls and great listeners:just what I needed.
To all of the Ayurvedic therapists:Cathy, Athena, Allison, Nadene and Kelly:I am so amazed and humbled.They all truly love what they do, you can tell by their presence, quiet, and love.They gave their love to me in the treatments and it made me feel so held.Held in love, grace honor and sacred space.I truly felt the love they gave, coming through their hands.It was given freely, without judgment and with the utmost care.They are true experts and masters at what they do:.

I know that everyone has their own journey when something life changing happens.For me, I chose to look at my diet, lifestyle, relationships and stress levels.I have changed them all:so much of my life is different now since June 2010 when I was diagnosed.I am more grateful, awake, conscious of my life and happier than ever.I am grateful for the journey and path that I am now on.My experience at LifeSpa was sort of a culmination to a year of learning and growth for me.Thank you for being a part of that for me.Thank you, Dr. John, for teaching me about the sun:to shine and love no matter what.
-Karen H.,Panchakarma PatientSeptember 2012
Everything and everyone was so positive.It was a joy to be here.The Lookout Inn was perfect too.I loved the massages; each therapist had their own unique subtle way of doing things but so much love while doing it.I really appreciated that they were so sensitive to my requests.

I especially appreciated my sessions with John.Before we met, from our first phone consultation I could feel your genuine sincerity and I felt safe sharing my story with you.I have walked away from other ˜therapists somehow feeling that I was at fault for how unhappy I have been.But after my week of Panchakarma I return home feeling hopeful that I have the solution.I am the solution to my happiness.I am letting my sun shine.
-Linda Y.,Panchakarma Patient August 2012

Panchakarma has been a blessing beyond measure, profound on all levels of being. I am 10 pounds lighter, feel 10 years younger“and experienced a deepening in conscious awareness that leaves me resting in still silence and clear seeing“awake, alive, and fully present. The experience has been life-changing.

Absolutely every aspect of this has been profound and enjoyable. The staff is superb“consultations with Dr. Douillard have allowed shifts in my life that I’ve carried this entire lifetime. Every aspect of this has been great.
It was fabulous“pure and simple!
~ Diana F., Panchakarma Patient, May 2012
Throughout my five-day PK I felt cared for, attended to, and nourished on so many levels it’s hard to put words on paper to fully match my experience.In short, it was magical!Having done PK for two years previously, I have to say that the previous visits allowed me to get my body, mind and soul to a place where I could have a more in-depth understanding and experience of the power of this age-old healing process.Again, truly magical!

There were so many things about the experience.Perhaps among the most powerful aspects of my experience is how this healing process impacts one on every single level : physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and psychically.There are a lot of healers and healing processes that talk about a holistic result, and many are powerful.Panchakarma is the most powerful, wise, effective healing approach that I have ever experienced.Add to that, the highest caliber of practitioners administering all that goes into the week at LifeSpa : it’s quite a powerful formula.

One of the things I marvel at is the endless amounts of love and care which emanates from everyone at LifeSpa : starting with John, Tauna, the treatment providers, and receptionist : and on and on.What this says to me is that there is such a high degree of integrity in all that you do.This integrity was fundamental in allowing me to trust all of you.I thank you all for not only what you gave me last week, but for what you do day in and day out which makes such a difference in such a profound way.
~ Terri B, Panchakarma Patient, May 2012
Always a delight, a sanctuary for me.
-BernaJean P.,Panchakarma Patient April 2012
My experience here has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have been searching through many therapeutic models for over thirty years to break through a tremendous emotional issue. Through Panchakarma and Dr. Douillard’s counseling I have a clarity that I have never had before and a new approach to move forward from here.
~ Pat J, Panchakarma Patient, February 2012
My experience was very nurturing and positive.I arrived extremely challenged cognitively.During my time here I could feel the brain fog lifting- such a wonderful gift!The therapists were all so wonderful- very caring and considerate.The warmth of the entire staff was very nurturing and positive.
-Janet M.,Panchakarma Patient October 2011
Heart opening.I came feeling like a robot with no sense of self.In a very short time Dr. Douillard was able to help me understand why I was stuck and why I came.I look forward to blossoming and enjoying the wonderful life before me.

The treatments were amazing.The therapists are so caring and attentive.How luxurious it all felt!
-Joanne D.,Panchakarma Patient August 2011
All of the staff were warm, helpful, and professional.The welcome packet was a nice touch! So great that the guest house is a short walk away- really enjoyed those walks:The ambience of the therapy waiting area is supportive:such a healing atmosphere in all regards!

I enjoyed the ease and flow of the PK therapies – the protocols were well thought through and there were lots of small touches that really enhance the feeling of total care.The sessions with Dr. D provided some significant new perspectives that I look forward to putting into practice.I so appreciate his combination of wisdom and knowledge. In fact, I felt everyone at LifeSpa listens with their heart and models that so beautifully for your clients.It takes great attunement to each other and the client for the dual therapists to coordinate their flow so smoothly- that allowed me to relax into just receiving all the more.
-Elizabeth G.,Panchakarma Patient July 2011
It felt amazing to be loved on and cared for by so many wonderful people.The whole process was exactly what I needed right now and brought up a lot of emotions and at the same time was very healing to my nervous system.I loved the treatments and the time with John.The combination of both has me on a path towards getting my system (circulation/lymph/temp.) working better and my spirit more free and joyful.Thank you!!
-Amy D.,Panchakarma Patient July 2011
Thank you so much for putting together a most effective cleanse program- both your well supported Colorado cleanse and especially (!!!) your PK spa!Really spectacular and wonderfully effective!The most important piece for me was your PK program which includes self-inquiry.Thank you for your support on this end.The therapists are a cut way above!!Wow- really unforgettable treatments:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful support!
-Marjorie B.,Panchakarma Patient May 2011
This was my best PK ever.I’m recovering nicely from months of stress, during which I was appearing outwardly calm- now I am inwardly calm as well, rested and much lighter and brighter.

The vibe here is one of loving kindness, respect, complete acceptance and the desire to please from entire staff.I like Tauna’s recommendation of 7 days vs. 5, which I have done in the past.Seven days allowed me to finally relax and get past my resistance to writing, sitting, and just being.What I like most is I’m back to my routine.
-Penny C.,Panchakarma Patient May 2011
Panchakarma was exactly what I needed.I knew it from the moment I read the description and my experience lived up to and exceeded my expectations!Although I wanted it, I was a bit concerned about detoxing (in the past with other cleanses, it has been awful, I’ve felt so bad I couldn’t continue).PK was gentle but SO effective!No headaches or pain.I feel renewed and ready to face my life again.Plus I have the tools to live it more fully and from love.

My daily treatments were the highlight of each day.All my therapists were wonderful, gentle and caring.Years of stress were stripped away in that therapy room!

My time with Dr. Douillard was illuminating!To transform my view of my dad through love in a couple days was an incredible, amazing experience- and one I can duplicate in all aspects of my life.
What an amazing gift!! Thank you!!
-Misti V.,Panchakarma Patient April 2011
This experience changed my life!! I’m actually having good thoughts in my head which for me is a big deal!!I feel I can step outside of my comfort zone now and do things I wouldn’t have been able to do before.Everyone that worked on me was very kind and warm.Having people that care about you makes a big difference I think.I have tried so many different things over the years to try and find something to make me feel better mentally and physically but nothing has worked like PK!! I even feel more spiritual now which I was not at all before.

Before I came here, I was extremely depressed and suicidal.I felt as though death was the only answer.PK has opened my eyes up to life again and it feels wonderful!! Thank you so much for giving me my life back!!
-Taggert B., Panchakarma Patient April 2011
I found the organization and the attention to detail to be on a very high level.Everyone was pleasant, helpful, and kind.A good mix of professionalism and compassion.I felt that I received a higher level of service than I expected- Well done!
-John B.,Panchakarma Patient February 2011
Heaven!! The treatments combined with the consults and meditation and yoga at the Lookout Inn (with such kind owners) worked so well for me.
The treatments were so incredibly good, soothing, relaxing, wonderful, heavenly, and delightful and the massage therapists are sooo good!
Thank you for this beautiful experience which has done me so much good!
-Sharda T.,Panchakarma Patient January 2011
I didn’t really know what to expect except the food and very divine-sounding treatments. I felt loved, protected and nourished by the LifeSpa staff every step of the way. The treatments were very special“I have never given so much time to just me“to just be with me and wrestle with parts I didn’t like and learn to cherish the parts I do like. I feel like I lost pounds of baggage“emotional, that is“and go home feeling lighter in many different senses of the word.
The flexibility and accommodating nature of everyone at LifeSpa and Ghurkas and the Lookout Inn, all took great care of me. Your setup is ideal. What I liked most was an environment that allowed me to be with me. A very rare treat.
~ K.P., Panchakarma Patient, November 2010
I always felt very welcomed and it (the LifeSpa clinic) was the sacred haven during the PK. Coming into the building was like entering the light that was guiding your path home.
~ Sundari, Panchakarma Patient, May 2010
It was absolutely life-changing and transformative. Through all the treatments, yoga and breathing, meditation, and, above all, talking with John, I feel my body and soul have been restored at many different levels. I feel like a new person. I have never seen my body so lean, my heart so calm and clear.
Incredibly nice & sincere staff! I felt so welcomed and at home on the very first day. Connecting before each session made me so open and relaxed.
I also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Colorado

I think I got a perfect moment and a perfect place to have Panchakarma. I know a lot of other places offer PK program, but LifeSpa is the only place (as far as I know), that pays a great deal of attention to the health of the emotional and spiritual parts of the human being.

I feel very fortunate to have my Panchakarma experience with you. Thank you very much!
~ Asako, Panchakarma Patient, May 2010
I wrote down specific goals that I wanted to achieve before the Panchakarma began, and every day I felt like a was making significant progress towards reaching them. I had an amazing experience. I believe that I will carry this experience and the lessons learned here with me for a long time.
Everything was part of a whole; every treatment and consult was an important piece of the puzzle. Every detail was thought out beforehand and the treatment was very well organized.
~ Anonymous, Panchakarma Patient, May 2010
It was a wonderful experience. I gradually felt pain and stress leave my mind and body, and every day felt better. Everyone at the center was helpful and caring. I felt welcomed and well-cared for. The sessions with Dr. Douillard were gentle and I felt firmly guided in his presence. Thank you all, I am most grateful.
Leigh W., Panchakarma Patient, October 2009
Dear John, Thank you for being such a beautiful part of my healing.You reflect to me wisdom, strength, compassion, truth and true love.I feel blessed to have you as my doctor, my friend and my spiritual guide.Thank you for helping me find truth, and for caring about me.Sending you warm thoughts of Love,
~ B.J., Panchakarma Patient, Nov 2009
The therapist were all tremendous.The walking embodiment of generosity and caring:Surprisingly, the ginger drops in my sinuses seemed to be one of the most impactful treatments energy wise.
~ A.M., Panchakarma Patient, August 2009
The [Panchakarma] therapists were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and had a wonderful touch.All my treatments were beautiful.I liked the renewal I feel from Panchakarma.
~ R.C., Panchakarma Patient, August 2009
My experience of Panchakarma was renewal, silence, and moments of pure bliss.The therapists really were fantastic.Their skill and focus were significantly superior to my previous experiences with Panchakarma (which were still pretty great!).I think all of the written content {Welcome Packet} and materials presented at orientation has wonderful information.
~ W.T., Panchakarma Patient, June 2009
[Panchakarma] was blessed – everyone was kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable.It was very orderly and calming.I was thankful I had a peaceful place to sit and collect my thoughts after PK treatment and meeting with Dr. Douillard. My meeting with John:he has amazing insight and is wonderful. The consults were 50% of the experience.He is a gift and he brings his complete gift with the treatments.
~ A.F., Panchakarma Patient, June 2009
I loved my experience here and want to be an ambassador of LifeSpa so that others can receive the wonderful benefits also.My conversations with Dr. Douillard were wonderful.The PK treatments were all wonderful and the therapists couldn’t have been more loving and caring.
-Montie H.,Panchakarma Patient June 2009
The simplicity (of Panchakarma) was really wonderful.Everything called for resonated with my needs and desires right now, coming off of treatment for illness.Everyone was hugely helpful, kind, and knowledgeable:

I feel cleaner somehow, more purified after radiation, and more importantly, hopeful about my future- that is worth its weight in gold.
-Mary S.,Panchakarma Patient June 2009
I guess I could sum it up as I arrived here as a caterpillar and through your care and knowledge and kindness I’m leaving as a butterfly.Thank you for setting the real woman inside me free!

Logistically, I’m really happy that you have all the details worked out; food delivery, Lookout Inn, shuttle, schedule, supplies for treatments, printed instructions, etc.That all made the experience stress free.
-Jennifer W.,Panchakarma Patient May 2009
I am really impressed with the teamwork at LifeSpa:the all-around friendliness and loving caring, the grounded calm treatments, and efficient use of the space at LifeSpa.
~ C.S., Panchakarma Patient, May 2009
After reading about LifeSpa’s Panchakarma in Yoga Journal I was clear it was something I would do as soon as possible.I had high expectations, and those expectations were met in all ways, and exceeded in others.The commitment to the integrity and discipline of the PK practice was evident in every step of the process, starting from the inquiry, registration and treatment process.The commitment level of the practitioners (for lack of another word) was evident, whether it was in their uniformed, consistent delivery of the treatment or their amazing heartfelt care demonstrated on all levels, most notably through the loving power of their touch.

I was particularly happy to work with Dr. Douillard and to hear a number of times of instances where he chose integrity of the process vs. mass appeal.In today’s world of mass enlightenment, knowing that a leader / teacher / guide is absolutely committed to maintaining the integrity of the process is refreshing.

I loved being cared for by the staff : on all levels.The acceptance, no matter how seemingly trivial or mundane my requests, they served me with the utmost care and attention.

On a more general note I want to thank each and every one of you for the great experience.I am sitting on the plane – a rather bumpy ride I might add – and I remain relaxed and grounded.I also notice the tension in my stomach wondering what this re-entry will be like.But, I have a newfound acceptance for what is : built on a stronger sense of awareness.Thank you for how you support me and others to be : whole.What a gift!
~ T.B., Panchakarma Patient, April 2009
My panchakarma at LifeSpa allowed me to quiet myself and dive in.My body and soul have been cleansed.   I had some treatments that truly helped me with some issues I have been experiencing – especially with my sinuses.I am very peaceful and refreshed.

The therapists were amazing!They truly cared about me and wanted to make sure I got the most from my treatments.They connected with me and cared about my well-being.The individual time with Dr. Douillard was so helpful.He is so compassionate and down to earth.He really helped me to understand some concepts I was struggling with.Tauna and Jessica were awesome at answering questions!So pleasant!
Bless your whole team!What a gift this has been for me!
~A.C., Panchakarma Patient, March 2009
Deep self-nurturing with self-inquiry and reaching a state of cellular quiet are not usual activities of our daily life, and it is with profound gratitude and compassion that I gave myself this opportunity for healing my body, mind and emotions through panchakarma.Far more than a luxury, this time of healing work was intensely mindful, lovingly given and received, and cleared my cells of damaging unneeded and un-usueful toxins.I have an enormous opportunity now to carry this new way of thinking and behaving towards myself into fruition.I can now build on a strong foundation.

The solitude: the mindful activities on my mat and at LifeSpa.The treatments were amazing and sacred time for me.I loved the oils!! And I like the effect I am feeling from this work – calmer, clearer, stronger, more confident in my ability to stay well and connected to my higher self.I’ve felt the closest to my natural state on a cellular level than ever before.Thank you very much.Me ke aloha.

I had everything I needed and more at the LookOut Inn.Caretakers were friendly, courteous, helpful and respectful of the healing work I was doing.The room was fabulous and helped bring me deeper into my experience with the comfort, magic and warmth of a fireplace.The staff at LifeSpa were beautiful light beings, competent and deeply respectful of their clients and their work environment.I felt cared about and blessed.
~RSC, Panchakarma Patient, March 2009
So amazingly healing! This work of Dr. John’s I have been following since ’97.As a PhD psychologist it is rare that this kind of work opens the emotional heart of matters and allows the depth and courage to let go of places the spirit is stuck.Dr. John is so able to contain the emotions and work with the fear of matters in a divine and masterful way.He is therapist, friend, coach, and wise warrior spirit guide.He assisted me in making a shift on the soul level I have been working on since I was 14.

I loved the fact that the emotional heart stuff is addressed and that Dr. John is comfortable and embraces this aspect and that the staff is able to embrace the emotional depth as well.The encouragement of silence even at the center.The safe sacred space you all create.The loving presence of all here.Diann was an absolute angel of light.
~M.S., PanchakarmaPatient, February 2009

Pretty amazing and intense.Easy, effortless yet one of the difficult weeks I have ever experienced.I feel clean – body and thoughts.Clarity is bliss.Breath is clean.What an unexpected journey.Unpredictable and real yet familiar and satisfying.I liked the concern and kindness of the staff, the quiet and gentleness of all the treatments, and learning and doing yoga – never enjoyed it before this week.
~D.S., Panchakarma Patient, January 2009
From my 1st phone call to Tauna to my last meeting with John, everyone was helpful, kind, skilled and welcoming.It was an experience that has changed me for the best:This was the answer I had been searching for.I finally feel I am on the right path.Thank you!I liked most John’s amazing ability to say exactly what I needed to hear and time with myself.I usually am always doing something and never am alone with me.It was insightful and I think I like her!
~MEA, Panchakarma Patient, December 2008
Amazing! Magical! Fantastic!I only wish that my life journey had taken me here sooner.I found the whole experience profoundly moving and transformative, with elements I can take with me for everyday life.Such peace, such clarity, such love fills my body to overflowing!Thank you for such an inspiring experience.

I liked the opportunity to explore my inner self in a peaceful environment, the luxurious treatments and all of the wonderful helpful and loving staff.
~ GVR, Panchakarma Patient, December 2008
My Dear One,Thank you deeply for caring for me:.This week gave way for many blossoms to open: some still in a bud quietly waiting, some well on their way, and a few wide open gloriously shouting their new song!

I leave LifeSpa and the Warriors of Love with a deep know Spirit constantly invites me to be me!

I am filled with gratitude for the help and support in accepting those divine invitations.

With love and a cup of laughter,
~ S.K., Panchakarma Patient, November, 2008
Dear John,
As I sit in peace to thank you for a transformational week of Panchakarma I must also comment on your stupendous chiropractic/body work technique of A.R.T.A stream of energy has opened up and I felt release in my neck, shoulders and hips.My head has more mobility and clarity.So you can be assured I’ll be taking full advantage of releasing these jaw muscles which I know house much of my emotional pain.

Panchakarma has opened many doors into my own personal growth and into my life as a health counselor.I will continue to practice the life of Ayurveda : I appreciate your wisdom and extreme patience you bring to your practice.I feel your sincerity to share your journey with everyone you encounter.So best wishes to you John and many thanks for your healing gift to this world.Your gift is creating an infinite ripple effect!
~Lots of Love, Lynda, Panchakarma Patient, October 2008
Tauna, Stacy & Office Staff, Thank you for all the calls, emails, materials, etc.As an admin person, I know you are the backbone that supports everything – and you do it was sweet spirits.It is appreciated!many Blessings,
~ V.K., Panchakarma Patient, September 2008
Calming to mind, body and spirit.All the staff were friendly, competent and caring.Attention to detail was appreciated.Good amount of downtime for contemplation, journaling, yoga, breathing and meditation.As well as not having to wait in between treatments.I liked the feeling of being emptied and filled at the same time.I feel terrific!Looking forward to seeing the benefits of these days take hold and grow in wellness for my mind, body and spirit.
Much appreciation,
~ V.W., Panchakarma Patient, September 2008
After reading John’s paper The Psycho-Physiology of Stress I could see John knew what he was talking about but really I’d heard some of it before and as good as it all sounded didn’t believe any of it was really possible for me to experience.I mean come on – eliminate stress from one’s life, free the body of disease, put the Supreme Self in the driver’s seat and hand over the reins, Feel you can use your life for what it was intended, Self Realization:.Yeah, right!Heard that before.What seemed impossible to me on Day One become a living reality for me by Day 7.

The Self Inquiry for me was the missing piece.I understand it is the combination of all the parts of the program that brings about this amazing shift within but they were as if setting the state for this very simple noticing of the truth of myself, my T4rue Nature, became clear to me.The Self Inquiry along with John’s laser like focus that guided and supported me in this dawning.Diann was amazing in this regard as well.I feel like I’ve come out of some dream that was so limited and constricted and feel so completely different and actually ready to embrace life again.

Thank you from my heart for this extraordinary journey home to myself!

I very much appreciated the silence in the treatment room.It seemed to give permission I was needing to really let go and Be Still.The team is wonderfully respectful and in sync with the transformative process that is occurring, putting so much attention and caring into every action they perform of the procedures.

Ayurveda is for me a powerful and complete program and offers what I have been longing for myself but did not know that it actually works!John’s particular packaging of this ancient knowledge suits my time and culture and feels like he has brought something ancient and true forward for us now; in the way it was originally intended to be practiced.
~ E.L., Panchakarma Patient, September 2008
Thank you, John!Guess what? I went to my NP and got tested. I said test me again because I feel like the virus has served its purpose and now I can release it. Four days later I called for the results and everything was NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had never seen that before and doesn’t know how to explain it. Have you had that happen before?I was f@#%ing ecstatic! I feel like a born again woman. I had done rain drop therapy and visualization from Adam the Dreamhealer but I don’t think it was until after the panchakarma and herbs when my energy came back (oh yeah, it’s come back full force and I am again so f#$%ing excited!) that I felt my body had performed a miracle. Sure enough it has. So thank you and your staff so much.

With all of the hope that has been instilled in me, I would like to share it. I am calling Tauna to make an appointment for a three way phone consult with one of my clients:.Let’s see what we can do for her! I did Bikram yoga tonight and kept thinking how right it is for me to study Ayurveda. I desire strongly to get studying!!!

Thanks and Love,
~ Sara,Panchakarma Patient, February 2008
Dear Diann, Cathy, Sarah and Linda [Panchakarma Therapists],
Thank you for the tremendous amount of love, support and peace you offered me this week.I am so impressed by the work you do and the great balance of professionalism and compassion that you bring to it.You are true healers.I feel blessed to have found myself in your hands.
With appreciation and Love,
~ Amy, Panchakarma Patient, February 2008
Namaste John,
I miss you all already! I am flying to Florida this morning for another of our Teacher Training weekends. I feel good, and I lost 3 pounds during the Panchakarma, so we have about 22 more to go. Still releasing some mucus and feeling like apana-girl, but it all is good.

Really, I want to say thank you. I feel like I have been looking for this deep work for quite some time, and I am very happy to have found it with you. I feel so internally quiet, and it is different than the quiet of my regular meditation or my meditations with Ma. It feels like cellular quiet, like my body is being addressed in a sacred way that had been missing before.

So thank you. Truly, deeply, fully, thank you.

Sadaka pitta, sadaka pitta, sadaka pitta, my new mantra. You have my heart.
~ Love, Jaya, Panchakarma Patient, February 2008
Dear John,
This week of Panchakarma has been an incredible week!

All the years of practicing yoga and meditation has surfaced a lot of stuff that has already been dissolved from the power of the silence and the power of Love.Thus, it seems that more focus was given to listening to be shown how ego has operated and kept me stuck.Having this time with no demands, no stress – just to quietly observe my thoughts has been so helpful.It has brought to a greater awareness the insidious monkey mind.How it keeps us captured and will go in any direction to win our attention.

I needed this time to myself to tend to myself in humble surrender.Much has come to the surface to be considered and released at every level of my being.Yes, the heart has been opened more fully.Compassion flows for a world held in the prison of their own minds.With compassion there is understanding and with understanding, there is Love.

My heart is filled and overflowing with gratitude for this experience.I feel better than I’ve felt for years.I feel cleansed from the inside out and from head to toe. It has left me empty to be filled with all that the Spiritual Universe offers so abundantly every moment.

Having the time with you was important to fully experience the PK.Every moment together was a precious gift filled with knowledge and an expansion of awareness.You added a depth of Consciousness to complete the PK experience.

I leave with a physical sensation of an opened heart space, knowing a world of dualistic thinking awaits me for the challenge.But the reins have been passed to the driver of the chariot.The relationship with the Supreme Self has been nurtured and deepened – ready to stand firm in knowing the Truth and the power of a still Mind.

So thank you dear friend.You are an amazing gift to the world.In the understanding of Oneness we know that a step of transformation for one individual touches all mankind and lifts the collective awareness of all.
With much love and gratitude, Namaste,
~ Susan, Panchakarma Patient, February 2008

John “
I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing week of Panchakarma. It was everything I wanted and more – I don’t know how it could have been any better.

Being around you is truly inspirational and I have a much deeper appreciation of Ayurveda just from this brief experience. I also really appreciate your heartfelt insights throughout the week. What you said about my heart after reading my pulse was dead on – I was taken aback – your depth in insight as well as knowledge is truly fantastic. Thank you also for allowing me to sit in on your conference call and other recordings.

It was a real treat for me to get a chance to deepen my understanding of Ayurveda and learn more of what you’re about.
~ Sandra, Panchakarma Patient, April 2007
Thanks John,
Thanks, too, for your great health care and advice, I feel like 2008 will be a healthier year for me because of the great Panchakarma.
Many blessings to you and your family for the Holidays.
~ Nancy, Panchakarma Patient, December 2007
Hi John:
I hope this finds you well.

First, of course, I wanted to send gratitude your way for my moving week with you and your team. It was what I needed and wanted and I’ve returned to NY with refreshed energy, a deeper sense of how I want to move through the world, and clearer and more balanced focus for what’s at hand. I’m committed to doing panchakarma every year!

I’ve integrated a morning practice of meditation and self massage that’s wonderful:.I’ve actually shed some pounds effortlessly by not eating after 7 at night and scaling back to 2 meals a day.

~ Park, Panchakarma Patient, October 2007
My overall experience was amazing in ways that I did not anticipate.I thoroughly enjoyed all of the treatments and every therapist was amazing in terms of their touch and demeanor.
-Anonymous,Panchakarma Patient
My deepest thank you to all the staff at LifeSpa. You are, each and every one of you, a true treasure.
Over the past week I feel that I have been nurtured and cared for in the most loving and healing way. Every treatment has been given with so much care and skill. Every one of you has been open-hearted and kind.

I wish I could take you all home with me! Thank you from the depth of my heart.

PS. See you again soon!
N.L., Panchakarma Patient
Tauna you were my lifesaver.I had some anxiety about how to continue gaining digestive rehabilitation.Tauna you were knowledgeable and reassuring.Thank you.The therapists and the treatments themselves are heavenly.Very professional and very caring.I learned enough to want more education and improve health through Ayurveda which seems gentle, true to underlying causes and natural.
-Anonymous, Panchakarma Patient

It [Panchakarma] was a unique experience of allowing myself to be quiet and uninvolved with day to day life.I had the opportunity to just be.At times it was emotionally and physically uncomfortable.But I felt very cared for every step of the way.My questions and concerns were answered.As eac hday passed I noticed it was a little hard to continue to accept all the tender care from the massage therapists.I learned a lot of new things and I cherish this precious opportunity that I had to relax and let go.I am very grateful that I was able to experience this.Panhakarma is a unique approach to our health and our life.Thank you,
 C.S., Panchakarma Patient

The Spa of Life: A Panchakarma Tale

(Offered by one of our recent Panchakarma patients)

Once upon a time there was a weary traveler who was heavy from the burdens of life she carried, and her body was wearing down.. She had tried to lighten her load with many different prescriptions but had found no relief. She knew her body had a wisdom of its own, but could find no one who addressed it the way she felt it needed. She knew there was a body, mind, spirit connection and that something was not in sync in her own system, but alas she was at a loss as to where to turn or what to do She was becoming more weary and discouraged as the days went on. One day her devoted husband, who wanted his wife well again, was led to some reading material. He offered it to his wife and she sat and read. She read of a healing in a distant land and it all sounded so familiar and right. She saw the Founder of this healing place in a vision and she knew she could trust him by his honest eyes and clear heart. He said, Come to the Spa of Life and we will tend to your weary bones and heavy heart. We will support you at all levels of your being. With just those words alone she could feel her body respond and knew that this was the right treatment for her.

She met the Guardians of the Threshold for the Spa of Life from a distance, as they made the final preparations for her arrival. She could feel their hands of support reach out over the miles. Their loving kindness touched her heart and helped to begin to lift the weight from her.When she arrived at the Spa of Life they sat like beautiful Sphinxes of the Nile”noble presence and grace, welcoming all who came. She was taken in and the process began.

Each day she would meet the healing women who delivered the PK. There was the Living Goddess, the Eternal Mother, the Earthly Angel and their two selfless helpers who floated in and out without a word. Each delivered their spiritual blessings in their own special way. Loving hands stroked, caressed, warmed, all assisting in the most gentle and sincere way. Heaven touches the earth in their presence.

And lest we not forget the sprightly gnome tucked away in her little cave in the front. Brightness emanates from her cave where she quietly works to help keep the Spa of Life running smoothly. Do call her out so you too can bask in her radiance!

And during this time of nurturing and healing, the weary traveler spent time in conversation with the Founder of the Spa of Life. He shared his Healer’s Wisdom from his travels and years of study and the knowledge he had gained. She came to understand that he was a Keeper of Breathing Techniques. He spoke of the everlasting truth, that Breath is essential to life, as we the seekers, wish to live it. He offered her the key to be able to unlock all that was restricting her and she was able to say; Yes, I gratefully accept this gift. She readied herself to leave and stood up to give him a hug. She looked to them all and said simply I love you. Thank you. And as she turned to go, she felt the constricting bands burst from around her heart and a rush of loving light filled her.
~ Suzanne, Panchakarma Patient