Accommodations and Meals

Important Notice:
We are not currently offering Panchakarma retreats. We will be offering a new and improved version of Panchakarma in the future.
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A typical room at the LookOut Inn to rejuvenate in during your Panchakarma.
A typical room at the LookOut Inn to rejuvenate in during your Panchakarma.

We highly recommend the Lookout Inn Guest House & Suites, which is a lovely bed and breakfast that is within a short and easy walking distance of our clinic.The rooms are spacious, elegant and include a fireplace, kitchenette and private bathroom.

They offer a special rate to our guests of only $125 per night. The hosts, Jacek and Halina Mrowca, have been taking excellent care of our patients for years.

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Please Arrive the Day Before Your Panchakarma

We highly recommend that you arrive the day before and depart the day after your Panchakarma to receive the full benefits of your retreat.

Ideally, plan to arrive at the LookOut Inn by 5 or 6 pm the day before so you have time to settle in, eat a light dinner, and follow a few cleansing protocols. If you are flying into the Denver International Airport, choose a flight that arrives by at least 4pm. Please do not fly in on your first day of treatments as flight or traffic delays are very common these days and we wouldn’t want you to miss your first day, which would result in a shorter retreat and cancellation fees. Arriving a day early also gives you a chance to settle in and relax.

We recommend leaving the day after your Panchakarma ends so you can continue to enjoy the deep silence, healing and insight that Panchakarma offers. Your last day can be especially rewarding.


Detoxifying Meals

The outdoor courtyard at the LookOut Inn
The outdoor courtyard at the LookOut Inn

During Panchakarma we recommend that you eat a cleansing mono-diet of kitchari, which is a special healing meal of rice, beans and mild spices..

We can have these meals delivered to your room at the LookOut Inn or our office after your treatment. We can have the meals delivered anywhere in Boulder if you are not staying at the LookOut Inn.

They are organic, delicious, detoxifying and healing to the digestive system.

The price ranges from an additional $30-40 per day. Most patients order 1-2 servings per day. For patients who do a one week Panchakarma, the cost is usually $210-$330 per week.

If your blood sugar needs more balancing, we can add steamed veggies and savory vegetable pancakes, which are made from high protein dahl and veggies.

By ordering this meal you ensure a simple and easily digestible diet without the effort of shopping, cooking or cleaning up each meal!