Live Long, Eat Fat

healthy fats avocado flax walnuts salmon olive oil imageI have been a believer for some time now that we do not get enough healthy fats in the typical American diet.

In a 2013 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 4,577 men with serious and life threatening prostate health concerns were evaluated for their fat intake. The group that ate the most vegetable fat had a 36% decreased risk of fatality. (1)

This is one of the first studies I have seen showing the benefits of a healthy higher-fat diet. I expect we will see more of the kind.

While our fat-phobic culture has been hammering for years that fats are bad, many folks have slipped into eating a diet that is much lower in fat than might be needed.

Many health experts believe that the major cause of gallbladder malfunction is a low fat diet. Healthy fats in the diet are needed to exercise the gallbladder and keep it active. If those fats are not eaten, the gallbladder runs the risk of becoming atrophied and unable to process fats when you do eat them.

Good fats are hard to find in the American diet. Cooked oils, which are mostly rancid and indigestible by the liver, are everywhere. Organic breads, healthy crackers, and cereals are often loaded with indigestible fats that congest the liver.

Olive oil should have a date on the label telling you when it was pressed. If it was pressed more than 4-6 months prior, chances are it has lost many of its heart healthy benefits. Look for olive oil with a press date on it.

Coconut oil that has been pressed immediately after harvest will carry the highest amount of active lauric acids, amazing fatty acids that deliver the many health benefits of coconut.

Omega-3 fatty acids with high concentrations of EPA and DHA from molecularly distilled fish oils have compelling research to back their benefits.

Other vegetable oils like flax and borage oil have numerous benefits, but must be pressed and stored without heat or light and refrigerated after pressing.

Vitamin D3 is a critically important fat soluble vitamin that we get primarily from the sun. I’ve found liquid vitamin D3 sourced from sheep wool lanolin to be the easiest to digest as well as the most effective.


1. JAMA Int Med. 2013 June 10.



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