LifeSpa wins Holistic Wellness Center of the Year!

fireworks celebrationOnce a year, the Green Spa Network presents sustainability awards for the spa industry. We, at LifeSpa, are very excited and honored to accept the prestigious award of “Holistic Wellness Center of the Year”!

These are the foremost leaders pushing the edge of innovation in our industry, said Green Spa Network Executive Director Deb Berlin, who presented the awards with the organization’s President, Roberto Arjona. It is an honor for our organization to collaborate with these visionaries to bring the spa industry to a place of true wellness and sustainability.

As part of the 6th Annual Green Spa Network Congress, presenters were asked to speak on the subject of the Spa of the Future. Dr. John’s presentation focused on the potential for spas and natural health clinics to create lasting transformational change in the lives of people looking for greater health and vibrancy.

At LifeSpa, through our Panchakarma detox retreats, Ayurvedic cleanses, consults, herbs, supplements, skincare, as well as all of the educational material offered on our website, we aim to address underlying systemic imbalances, release toxins, and shed old emotional patterns resulting in benefits that can last a lifetime.

It is our hope and vision that the spas of the future take into consideration this broader scope of health on all levels: body, mind, and emotion. Thank you, Green Spa Network, for recognizing what we do and for helping us to bring our message to an ever-larger audience.

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How is LifeSpa Green?

At LifeSpa, we make an effort to instill practices that are gentle on the environment as well as effective to the individual. To this effect, we:

    • Conduct our Panchakarma massage and facial treatments in the traditional Ayurvedic style, and the oil used in the treatments is recycled for biodiesel.
    • Print our marketing materials on 100% recycled paper using soy-based ink that is non-toxic to our environment.
    • Use compostable and recycled packaging materials in shipping our products.
    • Purchase recycled office and spa supplies whenever possible.
    • For our spa, we use natural shampoos and conditioners (free of parabens and synthetic ingredients) and buy in bulk to reduce waste.
    • Avoid soaps and detergents that use phosphate.
    • Use energy efficient lighting.
    • Do not sell or provide plastic water bottles.
    • Recycle.

Most importantly, we are always open to new ways to increase our environmental sustainability. If you have any suggestions, post them in the comments below!

About the Green Spa Network Sustainability Awards

Launched by the Green Spa Network in 2012 to underscore the importance of sustainability leaders in transforming an industry, the Green Spa Network Sustainability Awards celebrate groundbreaking activities, comprehensive measures, unique contributions, and overall leadership in environmental management, green techniques or sustainability.

About the Green Spa Network

GSN is a community of like-minded spas and resource partners comprised of nearly 200 members with an estimated purchasing power of $30+ million per year. The association provides tools, guidance, and networking to steer the spa industry towards sustainability. For more information, visit

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