LifeSpa Gives Back!

Dr. John Douillard, DC and LifeSpa support two amazing foundations:


The Mwebaza Foundation

Kapoks’ mission is to assist communities in reaching their full potential through economic development and the promotion the entrepreneurial spirit. Their programs involve the identification, training and support of Enterprise Facilitators. Enterprise Facilitators are trained to assist new and existing business owners in bringing their indigenous skills and passionate business ideas to life.John is a board member of Kapoks which inspires entrepreneurship in indigenous communities around the world. Funds are being raised to help the indigenous people in the town of Lourenço, Amapá. Lourenço is a community located in a remote area of the Amazon jungle. On the homefront, Kapoks’ Granby Enterprise Initiative is making great strides in the developing mountain community of Granby, Colorado.With the ideal of “first do no harm,” Kapoks is about inspiring and guiding developing communities around the world to capitalize on their indigenous skills and make them an economic success. This concept has been proven successful around the world for years by Kapok’s new partner the Sirolli Institute. John became aware of The Mwebaza Foundation through his children’s elementary school’s pen pal program with the Mwebaza school located just outside Kampala, Uganda. The foundation enriches the lives of students in Colorado through a cross-cultural exchange with their African partner schools. Donations help construct African schools, classrooms, provide books and other classroom supplies as well as general care for disadvantaged school children many of whom are orphans.We’re continually inspired to support their efforts as we see the fruits of their labor:

  • Students seated in newly built classrooms rather than in thatch roofed shacks on mite-filled dirt floors
  • The children’s faces light up when they receive the clothing donations that they were desperately in need of
  • We are comforted knowing that they are now drinking safe water, growing sustainable gardens and eating eggs from chickens all donated by the foundation in an effort to facilitate their self-sufficiency
  • We receive regular handwritten pen pal letters, in English, from the students expressing their heartfelt gratitude for the foundation’s support

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Kapoks recognizes the benefit of supporting the local entrepreneurs who understand their communities and its needs.

Devaki at Mwebaza School
John’s daughter, Devaki, in Uganda volunteering for the Mwebaza Foundation.