LifeSpa Coach Program

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  • Are you a life coach,  health practitioner, nutritionist, yoga teacher, or Colorado Cleanse enthusiast?
  • Are you ready to build your private practice by offering the best quality digestive detox programs available?
  • Are you interested in earning money for each Colorado Cleanse or Short Home Cleanse kit you sell?
  • Are you tech savvy with a website or email platform?

Consider becoming a LifeSpa Coach!

The LifeSpa Coach Program is your opportunity to earn a hearty commission while leading other cleansers through the Anytime Colorado Cleanse, Short Home Cleanse, or during the semi-annual Group Event Colorado Cleanse.

Whether you are facilitating a group cleanse, or guiding individuals through a detox program of their choice at their own pace, the Coach Program Resource Portal will be your hub for helpful downloads, video tutorials, and commonly asked questions.

How does the Coach Program work?

The Coach Program is similar to an affiliate program in that you earn a 20% commission for each kit you sell through your unique link. You can earn up to $45 per cleanse kit you sell!The real jewel here is you will also have access to our exclusive information portal to find all the information you need to expand your horizons as a detox program leader.

In addition, when your clients order through your LifeSpa Coach links, they will receive a FREE gift of their choice. The best part is that all you have to do is sign them up!

How do I get paid?

When you sign up, you can choose to receive checks via snail mail or PayPal payments. (You can change your mind at any time).

When do I get paid?

You’ll get paid monthly. If you make less than $25 in a given month, you’ll get paid when you earn $25 or more.

What if my clients have health questions?

We have set up our exclusive Coach Program Resource Portal to address all the most common questions that arise during our Colorado Cleanse.  Additionally, the LifeSpa website is a huge resource for health articles and videos. If you still can’t find the answers to your questions, please email us at

I’m ready to sign up. What do I do again?!

There are two websites associated with the Coach Program: the Resource Library and the Sales Portal.  Click the big orange button at the bottom of this page and fill out both forms to start the enrollment process.  If you need additional support regarding these two websites, how to fill out the forms, and how to get started, please view the 30 minute recorded webinar or, after you receive your username and password, log in to the Coach Program Resource Library at for more tutorials on setting up the technical requirements.

If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form
to access the Coach Program Resource Portal and get registered to earn your commissions!

Already a LifeSpa Affiliate?  Email to join the Coach Program, too!


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