Less is More, But You Gotta Move!

less is more but you gotta move sedentary person with remote imageIn a recent study published in the journal Diabetologia, 153 young adults and 750 older adults who were at risk for type II diabetes were followed. Each of them wore an accelerator that measured how many hours they were sedentary compared to how many hours were spent in moderate to vigorous exercise.

The folks who were sedentary for more than 12 hours a day had higher blood sugar levels than those who were sedentary for 9. Being overweight further raised blood sugar levels.

In another study, 63,000 men between ages 45 and 64 were measured for their activity levels. Those who reported sitting for 6-7 hours a day were 15% more likely to get diabetes than those who sat for less than 4 hours a day. Men who sat for 8 hours a day were 20% more likely to get diabetes.

The key is to break it up. Get up, stretch and move throughout the day. More and more reports are showing that we do not need tons of exercise. Sitting still without breaks for hours on end seems to be the culprit.

Try my 12 minute workout, which anyone can do. As a dad of six kids, finding time to work out was always a challenge for me. Doing the 12 minute workout, I could leave my house, do my workout, and be back before anyone knew I left. And yes, it really is just 12 minutes long!

I invite you to read my article on it and see the research that supports this “less is more” approach!

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