Increase Your IQ and Decrease Your Stress

increase iq meditation woman calm no matter what imageRecently published research in Alternative Therapies Journal studied the short-term and long-term effects of meditation.

Thirty-four male subjects were asked to meditate directly after a stressful event. Immediately afterwards, the participants showed a significant improvement in a standard cognitive flexibility test in which mental focus during stress and distractions was measured. This was an initial indicator that IQ levels improve immediately with meditation.

After one month of regular meditation, the 34 male subjects were again given a battery of tests. The cognitive flexibility test described above showed further improvement, and a standard memory test showed significant positive changes as well. The Stanford Acute Stress Reaction Test was also given, and significant improvements were noted compared to the tests administered one month earlier, before they started the meditation.


The researchers concluded that, the practice of meditation for a period of one month improved IQ and cognitive functions over and above the immediate effects of meditation. Furthermore, meditation reduced baseline stress and reactivity to stressors, suggesting that a meditation practice is of benefit to young adult males in reversing the effects of stress.


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Source 1. Alternative Therapies. Immediate and long terms effects of meditation of acute stress reactivity, cognitive functions and intelligence. Nov/Dec 2012

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