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brain size tree in human heads silhouette imageResearch in the journal Neurology reported on the effects of DHA on the brain. As you might recall, DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid and is one of the active components in fish oil that seems to be responsible for boosting brain function.

The brain is composed of mostly fats, so it seems logical that to optimize its function, a certain amount of good fats is needed.

Researchers measured levels of omega-3 fatty acids in red blood cells in 1,575 healthy subjects. The study measured brain size or volume in subjects via MRIs as well as a variety of cognitive tests to measure memory and mental function.

The group that scored in the lowest 25% of DHA in the red blood cells showed a reduction in total cerebral brain volume or size, decreased visual memory, executive function and abstract thinking compared to those with higher levels of DHA.

With winter upon us, the need for more good fats is greater, according to Ayurveda. It is hard to overlook the research citing the benefits of high quality fish oil supplementation.

One of the drawbacks of fish oil supplements is that they don’t digest well or absorb easily. Many folks can’t take them because they repeat on them.

Recently, I discovered a highly concentrated DHA and EPA fish oil supplement that is naturally enteric-coated, which may boost digestibility and absorption of the beneficial EPA and DHA into the blood, brain, skin and heart.

An enteric coating can also reduce and in some cases eliminate the reflux of fishy taste that drives many people away from consistent use of fish oil supplements.

This winter, if you are thinking about fish oils, consider a naturally enteric coated product.

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