Increase Fat Burning by 36%!

increase-fat-burning-runner-at-starting-block-imageNot getting the desired results from your exercise routine? New research has shown that long, slow endurance exercise like going for a long bike ride or run may be making you store more fat and eat more food than you need.

Long distance cardiovascular exercise has been shown to decrease testosterone levels and raise cortisol levels which can stimulate appetite, fat storage and slow recovery (1).

Less Is More!

The newest research is telling us again that we don’t have to plod away on the treadmill for hours to be healthy, lean and fit.

In one study, a group of cyclists who did 8 second sprints followed by 12 seconds of easy cycling lost three times the fat as the group who did continuous cycling at a regular pace for 40 minutes (2).

So all we need is little short bursts of high intensity activity. The body won’t lose as much weight during the activity, but surges into fat burning for the next 24-48 hours. How cool is that!

One More Study!

Eight female cyclists did 10 sets of four minute hard riding followed by 2 minutes of rest per day. After two weeks, their fat burning increased by 36% and their fitness increased by 13% (3).

For more information on how to get the most out of a short fat burning workout, please read my article and watch the video, The 12 Minute Workout. I also call this workout Chasing the Rabbit; if you were actually chasing a rabbit, it would end up being a bunch of short frustrating bursts followed by some much needed rest!


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