IIN Student and Graduate Opportunities

As a student, health coach, or wellness professional, you are most likely searching for ways to help your clients be as vibrant as possible. We would like to support you in guiding your clients with Ayurveda by offering you the following free gifts and exclusive discounts.


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Here are our special offers for members of the International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC) and IIN Students and Grads. After you click submit, we will email you with coupon codes and download links for each gift.

Opportunities for IIN Students and Graduates:

Become a LifeSpa Affiliate!

Would you like to recommend Dr. John’s Ayurvedic herbal formulas to your clients? Or encourage members of your own email list to take one of our online eCourses or join a Cleanse event? Here are just some of the benefits of joining the LifeSpa Online Affiliate Program:

  • No inventory!
  • Potential for significant income.
  • Association with John Douillard, a highly respected and established Ayurvedic expert.
  • 15% commission!
  • 3% commission on any affiliates who sign up under you.
  • Automated tracking and monthly payments.

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http://lifespa.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ayurveda-challenge-sidebar-button_logo.pngThe 28-Day Ayurveda Challenge is a self-paced educational course designed to relieve stress, improve sleep, and feel better by learning an easy and pleasurable routine that you can do every day, no matter how busy you are.

Each day, Dr. John will show you how to implement a new Ayurvedic technique through a daily email, video and tip sheets.

>>> Learn more about the Ayurveda Challenge.

Ayurvedic Pulse Reading eCourse - a technique for self discoveryThe pulse becomes an invaluable skill for self-awareness and self-healing. Ayurveda is about removing the imbalance or density of the physical to enhance self-awareness and make deep mental and emotional changes. Pulse reading is one of the best self-awareness techniques for personal growth. ~ Dr. John Douillard, DC

Here’s how it works: Over the course of these ten weeks, you will receive a weekly mixed-media lesson.

Course lessons include: Basic Principles of Ayurveda; Learn to feel, identify, and record the qualities of vata, pitta, and kapha in the pulse; Use the pulse to initiate a healing response; Learn to feel the sub-doshas, and so much more!

 Short Home Cleanse eBook – FREE!

shorthomecleanseThe Short Home Cleanse is a short and sweet 4 day cleanse you can do from the convenience of your own home. This way you can keep working but also get some of the benefits of cleansing with the seasons.

It was designed for folks who are too busy to do our 14 day Colorado Cleanse or Panchakarma detox retreats.

The SHC is the ideal cleanse for clients who need a quick reset. It can help reduce cravings, improve digestion, balance blood sugar and release toxins.

 Ayurvedic Weight Balancing eBook – FREE!

Ayurvedic Weight Balancing eBookDoes your weight feel out of control? Are you overwhelmed by all the competing weight loss promises, supplements and programs that marketers bombard you with? Do your clients struggle with their weight?

For over 20 years Dr. Douillard has helped patients lose weight naturally and effortlessly with his 4-Step Ayurvedic Weight Balancing System and now you can get the eBook FREE!

Simply fill out the form above to receive the 44-page eBook. You will also receive a 1-hour mp3 audio lecture and a handy overview tip sheet.