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Body Type Quiz Digestive Health Quiz

Skin Type Quiz

What type of skin do you have? How can you best care for it? Find out by taking this quiz. Take the Skin Type Quiz

Internal Skin Health Quiz

Did you know that your skin is one of your largest organs of absorption and elimination? Our skin also immediately reflects any imbalances with our nutrition, digestion, nervous system and lymphatic system. Take this quiz to learn which Ayurvedic herbs will not only help your skin look it’s best, but help you feel better also. Even if you are quite happy with how your skin looks, this quiz will help you know how to improve your digestion, energy, immunity and sleep. Take the Internal Skin Health Quiz

Skin Imbalance Quiz

Are you experiencing acne, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, etc? Do you wish your skin was clear, supple, smooth, glowing and radiant? After taking this quiz you will know how to take better care of your skin internally and topically. Take the Skin Imbalance Quiz

Protein Deficiency Quiz

In light of the fact that we are regularly reminded of the dangers of red meat, many have cut back on meat and are unable to thrive with the energy they once had. This is such a common presentation in my office I felt it was important to create a quiz to help screen folks for the nutritional woes of a diet lacking in adequate protein. Take the Protein Deficiency Quiz

Daily Stress Quiz

You can identify the signs of stress derived from eating and exercising in ways that trigger the “survival response” by taking my simple Daily Stress Test.