Don’t Ignore This Heart-Healthy Grain

barley in the fieldRecent data from the National Institutes of Health suggests that 35% of Americans over 20 years old have pre-diabetic blood sugar levels, and that 50% of folks over 65 have pre-diabetes. (1)

Blood sugar issues are considered to be the number one cause of the number one killer in America – heart disease.

Research has found that eating foods high in insoluble fiber will lower the risk of type II diabetes. (1) Two foods that are particularly high in such fiber and support heart healthy blood sugar levels are black beans and barley.

In one study, barley out-performed the heart health benefits of oats because of its higher insoluble fiber content. (1)

In fact, barley was able to regulate blood sugar levels better than other grains by supporting healthier markers for up to 10 hours after consumption. (1)

The high insoluble fiber content in barley tends to slow down the absorption of glucose from the intestines into the bloodstream, resulting in lower fasting glucose levels and post-meal glucose spikes. (1)

Barley has been shown to increase the secretion of bile acids into the intestinal tract, carrying bad cholesterol and toxins with it. (1)

Some of barley’s fiber has been shown to repair the intestinal wall and support the growth of good bacteria. (1)

High fiber foods like barley have also been shown to increase satiety, so folks just don’t eat as much or crave those sugary foods.


1.  Downey M. Life Extension Mag. Apr 2013

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