Coffee Drinkers Have Strong Cardiovascular Health

Upper view of blond woman drinking coffeeTo drink or not to drink coffee is a question that weighs heavily on both sides of the aisle. Many studies have documented the risks of coffee consumption and, more recently and perhaps due to the plethora of coffee shops that have cropped up nationwide, many new studies are revealing surprising benefits of regular coffee consumption.

In this study published in the Journal Stroke, 34,670 Swedish women were followed for ten years. During that time there were 1,310 stokes reported. The research found a 22-25% lower risk of stroke in women who drank at least one cup of coffee a day.

There was no mention of whether the coffee was caffeinated or decaffeinated, but it was noted that in Sweden it is rare to drink decaffeinated coffee.

That said, most of the research on the pros and cons of coffee consumption show no change in results between either caffeinated or non-caffeinated coffee.

Wait! Before you run out and start brewing your favorite morning coffee, I encourage you to take a look at both sides of the coffee debate.

I wrote a thorough review of the research in a recent video-newsletter that highlights the benefits and detriments of coffee drinking. I also wrap up this debate with a discussion about the Ayurvedic perspective on coffee.

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