Chiropractic on the House

As many of you know, I also provide chiropractic care for local patients and those in from out of town for Panchakarma. As I have gotten busier, many of my chiropractic patients have become frustrated as it is increasingly difficult to get in and see me when they need care.

For the past 5 years I have reached out to find just the right doctor to join me at LifeSpa.
I am very excited to welcome Dr. Neil Dukes, sports and family chiropractor, to our LifeSpa family. Dr. Dukes is a National Instructor of the Active Release Technique (ART), the main chiropractic technique I have used in my practice, as well as a certified acupuncturist. The ART technique got me the job with the New Jersey Nets and is used by many sports teams, including our Denver Broncos.

Finding the right chiropractor to join us has been a challenge because I truly believe we practice chiropractic differently than most. Dr. Dukes was the first chiropractor I interviewed that truly believes and practices chiropractic in the same way I do.

Here are some of the ways in which we stand out:

  • We try to get folks out of pain in less than three visits.
  • We expect folks to feel 30-80% better in the first visit, so you don’t have to commit or sign up for anything to get results.
  • Our main focus is that muscle imbalances cause pain and, once corrected, we can deliver quick and permanent relief.
  • Our background is with athletes who want to get out of pain today and do not want to come back again and again. This is how we treat every patient”athlete or not!

How many folks have chronic knee, back or shoulder pain that has stopped you from doing the things you love? I cannot tell you how many patients have told me they would never run or ski again and are now doing it. It is all about the soft tissue and that’s what we do.

Dr. Dukes is my personal chiropractor. He has recently relocated back to Colorado with his family from Texas, where he had a 5-star chiropractic rating. I can recommend him to any of my patients without any hesitation and with great enthusiasm. I feel blessed to have him on our team!

To get folks acquainted with him, we are offering free 15 minute chiropractic consults.

Schedule your free 15 minute consult with Dr. Dukes now.* You can schedule yourself online by following the link below, or by calling LifeSpa at (303) 516-4848.

>>> Schedule your free 15 minute consult online now

*Offer valid through February 14th, 2013.

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