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The thyroid is the regulator of metabolism and energy. It is intimately intertwined with all the other hormone systems of the body. What is unique about the thyroid is its vulnerability to environmental toxins, pollutants and chemicals, all of which the thyroid quickly absorbs, disturbing its ability to regulate metabolism. In this section, you will find many referenced articles on the subject of thyroid health that merge western science with Ayurveda’s time tested approach to supporting optimal thyroid function.

Iodine Doses for Optimal Benefits

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Average Reading Time: 3 minutes and 38 seconds Iodine is an essential trace element, recognized for its cornucopia of important health benefits, including the traditional role it plays in the production of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism and energy production throughout the body and, in turn, affect core body temperature, […]

Cell Phone Math They Don’t Want You To Do


Average Reading Time: 6 minutes and 27 seconds There are numerous federal agencies claiming there is a lack of evidence that cell phone radiation exposure can cause harm. Among them is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) itself, the FDA, and most notably, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which states on its website that “there is […]

Tips to Minimize your Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 17 seconds All electronics, including cell phones, emit microwave electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Living organisms generate their own electromagnetic field at a cellular, tissue, organ and organism level called a “biofield.” Studies suggest that low dose EMR exposure can slow the growth cycle of beneficial microbes and alter healthy cell […]

10 Reasons to Consider an Iodine Supplement


Average Reading Time: 3 minutes and 53 seconds Iodine is found in each of the trillions of cells in the human body. It is responsible for the production of all the hormones, proper immune system function, cellular protection, brain function, detoxification, thyroid function and much more. (1) Join me as I explore some very compelling […]

Troubleshoot Your Thyroid

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 26 seconds The thyroid is first and foremost responsible for metabolic activity of every cell in the body. When the metabolism is normal, one of the by-products is heat. When thyroid function is sluggish, as in a hypothyroid condition, cellular metabolism decreases, resulting in decreased production of heat. That’s […]

Little Known Dangers To Your Thyroid

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 31 seconds A few years ago, “Julie,” who was a patient of mine, complained that her thyroid blood test suddenly skyrocketed. She had been on thyroid medication successfully for years, and had always received regular thyroid testing. Her test revealed an unexplainable, sudden and extremely high rise in her […]

How to Flush Fluoride from your Body

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Average Reading Time: 3 minutes and 1 second Did you know that fluoride was used through the 1950’s to suppress thyroid function in cases of hyperthyroidism in South America and Europe? (1) Today, fluoride is everywhere from the drinking water, to non-stick pans, toothpastes and many medications. It is estimated that the average American takes […]

Protect Your Breasts

Protect Your Breasts

Did you know that there is more iodine stored in the female breast tissue than there is in the thyroid? Research suggests the reason may be that iodine, which is rare, is essential for brain development in infancy. Storing iodine in the breast may have been an evolutionary safeguard to ensure the delivery of iodine […]

Tired and Sluggish? Find Out Why

Home Thyroid Screening

A new report from the International Journal of Clinical Practice revealed that the Mayo Clinic’s 40-year-old “gold standard thyroid screening test” may be flawed. This could be compromising the adequacy of conventional thyroid treatment. (1) As a result, many thyroid concerns and related symptoms go undiagnosed or untreated. Many patients go on thyroid medication, but […]

Iodine Deficiency

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Perhaps one of the most significant risk factors for optimal health is the potential for nutritional deficiencies. One of the most important and prevalent deficiencies today is the current lack of iodine in our diet. Here are some statistics: In the last 30 years, according to the National Health Nutritional Examination Survey, iodine levels have […]

Could Fluoride Be Causing a Thyroid Epidemic?


It would be quite a skill to avoid fluoride these days. Most water supplies have it, as do some toothpastes, non-stick pans, and many medications such as Prozac (flouxetine). It is estimated that the average American gets somewhere between 1.6 to 6.6 mg/day of fluoride each day. What most people don’t know is that fluoride […]