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Dr. John Douillard, DC offers teleseminars on Ayurvedic and Holistic Health topics. These teleseminars are valuable educational opportunities designed to support you in empowering your health and well-being from the freedom of your own home. Click here to View Upcoming Teleseminars

Webinar: Dreaming of a Good Night’s Sleep?


Date: Monday, November 10th Time: 5:30pm MT (4:30pm Pacific, 6:30pm Central, 7:30 Eastern) Register here to receive reminder emails for the live event! In this live webinar, join Dr. John Douillard as he dives into the underlying cause of sleeplessness. Learn how, today, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is being […]

Webinar: Lymph – The Ancient Key To Longevity


Date: Monday, September 22nd Time: 5:30pm MT (4:30pm Pacific, 6:30pm Central, 7:30 Eastern) Register here to receive reminder emails for the live event! In Ayurveda, the lymph is known as rasa, which also means taste, emotion, juice (as in the juice of life), satisfaction, and love. These word associations reflect […]

Teleseminar: Longevity Exercise – Less is More


What does exercise have to do with longevity? Everything! But wait, not all forms of exercise are created equal in paving the way for a long, healthy life. As an athlete and an Ayurvedic practitioner, I’ve experienced firsthand the life-changing benefits of an exercise theory I call, “less is more.” […]

Teleseminar: Food Frustrations? Eat Fad Free


If you are frustrated by the contradictory nutrition information flying around these days, you are not alone. As a nation, we seem to be yo-yoing through fad diets of all flavors, each one completely contradicting the one that came before it. Are you finally ready to find a way of […]

Teleseminar: Become the Source of Love

Become the Source of Love Teleseminar

This Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to taste the magic of true love, Ayurveda style. I believe that, no matter who you are, where you are, or what your situation, True Love is at your fingertips. Join me for this hour long talk on one of my all-time favorite […]

Teleseminar: America’s Hidden Killer – A New Epidemic

America’s Hidden Killer: A New Epidemic – blood sugar and pre-diabesity Air Date: July 10, 2012 Playtime: 50:00 Link: Download mp3 (to download, right click and click save file) Listen: Live Teleseminars with John Douillard are dynamic, hour-long teleseminars on a wide array of topics blending Ancient Wisdom with Modern […]