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Feed Your Inner Viking

gamalost cheese image

Average Reading Time: 1 minute and 57 seconds Reporting on one of Norway’s most rare and famous cheeses! The Vikings, who were known for their strength and endurance, fueled themselves for their expeditions in part by eating a special cheese called Gamalost. It’s also considered an aphrodisiac, commonly known today […]

Why Whey Cheeses May Be The Way To Go


Average Reading Time: 3 minutes and 45 seconds Skyr (pronounced “skeer”), an Icelandic cheese product now sold in the US, is one of Iceland’s most popular foods. On our 24-hour layover in Iceland we made a quick trip to Burid, Iceland’s premier cheese shop, where we spent time with owner […]

Eat, Pray, BUGS

italian cheese shop

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 8 seconds During the summer of 2014, is sponsoring a small trial to measure the changes in the gut microbiology of an average American after 3+ weeks eating a European diet. Ten people who were already planning on traveling to Europe have volunteered […]

Are you an Emotional Eater?

Amygdala - female brain anatomy lateral view

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 37 seconds The senses of taste and smell are hard-wired to the emotional center of the brain, called the amygdala. We have all had the experience of smelling a fragrance and recalling a childhood memory. Staggering new research has brought new light to this connection […]

Perfecting Digestion: The Gateway to Emotional Freedom


Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 34 seconds The effect that our moods, thoughts, feelings and emotions have on digestion and its 100 trillion residents is the new science. (1,2,3) Notably, the effect that our digestion has on the mind and its feelings, thoughts and emotions is just as profound! We […]

These Cherries Pack a Medicinal Punch

tart cherries image

Average Reading Time: 1 minute, 38 seconds Early spring is a time when the animals dig up bitter roots that help scrub the liver and the villi of the intestinal tract. Next come the fluorescent green sprouts, rich in chlorophyll, to color the landscape and fertilize the good microbes that […]