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Podcasts with Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP are dynamic, hour-long lectures on a wide array of topics blending the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern science! Many podcasts incorporate Live Q&A from our audience. You can join us for free, from anywhere in the world, using either your phone or computer.
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Dr. Douillard’s Digest Vol. 10: Exercise, Fitness, Nose Breathing Podcast

Dr. Douillards Digest Volume 10 Exercise Nose Breathing Image

In this podcast, I talk about the groundbreaking research into a “less is more” approach to exercise that has allowed many folks to enjoy exercise perhaps for the first time ever. Listen and learn about the benefits of effortless exercise, nose breathing (nasal breathing) and exercise techniques, along with tailored exercise programs according to your needs and […]

Episode 24: Ayurveda for Women’s Health


The healing wisdom of Ayurveda offers extensive knowledge for women. Ayurveda guides women to balance their natural body rhythms which are closely linked to nature. According to Ayurveda, healthy menstrual cycles, fertility, and menopause depend on a delicate balance of: the subtle connection to the lunar circadian clock the flow of prana and apana vata […]

Episode 22: Dr. John’s Keynote Speech on the Future of Ayurveda – Full Length Available for Purchase


Watch the Preview: Listen and/or Download the mp3 Preview: Air Date: April 2015 Playtime: 11 mins, 17 seconds Click this link to listen: Dr. John’s Keynote Speech preview (right-click here and select ‘save’ to download the mp3) >>> Order the full length video now! Watch the enlightening keynote speech given by Dr. John at the […]

Dr. Douillard’s Digest Vol. 8: Common Deficiencies Podcast

Dr. douillard's Digest Volume 8 common deficiencies image

Nutritional deficiencies are responsible for many common symptoms and issues, but awareness about their connection must be raised. B12 deficiency, for example – one of the most common deficiencies in the world – can result in brain shrinkage and cognitive decline. This podcast covers a range of nutritional deficiencies and zooms in on the most common […]

Episode 21: The Chocolate Effect


Everyone seems to have a love affair with chocolate. Some maybe more than others. In one study, women preferred chocolate to sex! There are over 300 chemicals in chocolate that have charmed us and made us almost fanatical to its blissful uplift! Join me for the latest research on chocolate, the sources of the very […]

Dr. Douillard’s Digest Vol. 7: Common Health Concerns

lifespa common concerns podcast cover image

Possibly the most prevalent health concerns that people experience are digestion-related: Is gluten-free diet healthy? Should I be worried about my lactose intolerance? Is decaf safe? …the list goes on. In Ayurveda, it is said that 80% of all disease can be attributed to digestive imbalance. An accurate understanding of digestion requires an evaluation of […]

Episode 20: Getting Back Into The Kitchen with Emma Frisch and John Douillard


Join us for the airing of a lively and inspiring video podcast between Emma Frisch, Food Network Star, and Dr. John. Emma asks Dr. John questions she has as a nationally recognized chef regarding seasonal eating, harvests, food microbes, emotional eating, local versus global, the medicinal benefits of each seasons harvest and strategies to make […]

Dr. Douillard’s Digest Vol. 6: Boost Immunity

lifespa boost immunity podcast cover image

  When we think of immunity, we may think of a nebulous set of factors that contribute to our resistance against illness and infection. It’s a fact that the immunity, or protective mechanism of our bodies, is affected by many factors, some of which stand out among the rest as being especially influential. One of […]