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Nutritional Deficiencies

Today, nutritional deficiencies are more common than we think. In 1948, the FDA wrote that 90% of all Americans were deficient in at least one mineral. Today there are many common deficiencies that can be detrimental to optimal health. Many of the deficiencies discussed here are ones that are so prevalent they affect more than half of the world's population. Make sure you have been evaluated for any nutritional deficiencies.

The Perfect Whale Poop

whale tail

Average Reading Time: 1 minute, 36 seconds In a recent NPR report, Marine Biologist Victor Smetacek made an interesting discovery regarding whale poop. Our oceans contain up to 6 billion tons of krill that play a huge role in the life of the oceans, and therefore the planet. Krill, which […]

Vitamin D: How To Choose The Best One

Vit D3 and other important deficiencies

Average Reading Time: 8 minutes, and 15 seconds A while back a patient came into my office with the strangest request. He said he had been trying to move to Colorado for a few years but couldn’t because of health reasons. After some job hunting visits, he noticed he didn’t […]

What’s Missing in Your “Healthy” Diet? Part I


Average Reading Time: 8 minutes, 23 seconds Lately, I have been fascinated by the eating habits of the relatively disease-free ancient humans compared to the diet of today’s modern humans. And while the subject of how many proteins versus carbohydrates we should eat is highly debated, many experts believe that […]

Last Chance To Get Your Vitamin D Tested

guy sitting on beach in work clothes

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 32 seconds North of Atlanta there are basically no UVB rays from the sun from October through April, which means your body can’t make vitamin D from the sun. Folks north of these latitudes should be eating lots of organ meats and fish liver oils – […]

Brain Fog Linked to Age Spots

radiant brain

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 2 seconds About 60% of people studied in the late-middle-age range showed signs of significant brain aging. (1) For years, these changes have been considered just benign age spots on the brain, but new research has revealed their cognitive impact. Once called simply “age spots,” these […]

The Scoop on Laxatives

natural laxatives video still

A study conducted by The American Cancer Society surveyed 1,064,004 men and women and found that 26% of them reported occasional constipation. (1) Few people realize that, beyond discomfort, occasional constipation significantly increases the risk for colon concerns, (2) poor immunity, fatigue and nutritional deficiencies (see other symptoms in the […]