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Here you’ll find well-researched articles on how to support many common men’s health issues. This section includes information on diet, exercise and supplementation to support optimal men’s health.

Cool Your Digestion

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Are you one of the 20% of Americans who regularly struggle with heartburn? Today, heartburn medication is the second most prescribed class of drugs in the US.Interestingly, about 20% of the folks who take anti-acid medication do not get relief and are commonly prescribed an anti-depressant to de-stress and de-sensitize […]

Can a Married Man Resist a Beautiful Woman?

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A new study published in Journal of Neuroscience measured the effects of the hormone oxytocin on men who were approached by a very attractive woman. Oxytocin is known as the bonding hormone. At birth, this hormone is released by the mother and it literally bonds the parents and child for […]

High Estrogen Causes Low Testosterone in Men

low testosterone

While men are lining up to get their testosterone injections, few doctors are testing their estrogen levels. Men with even slightly elevated estrogen levels double their risk of stroke, have increased risk of coronary artery disease (1), benign prostatic hypertrophy, and prostate cancer (2). As it turns out, it is […]

Prostate Health

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In Ayurveda this imbalance is classified as an imbalance of one of the three vital parts. These are head (sira), heart (hrydara) and pelvis (vasti). This disorder of the pelvis (vasti) is further classified into a type of disorder called Udavarta which means the reverse direction of vata. More specifically, […]