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According to Ayurveda, optimal heart health depends on a balance of the mind, emotions, body and spirit. Learn Ayurvedic techniques including herbs, lifestyle, diet and exercise that support optimal heart health. This may be the hallmark of Ayurveda in that it incorporates health approaches that address the most gross to the most subtle. Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

10 Tips for Weight Loss

With spring upon us, this is the time to reset our ability to burn fat. Each season and its harvest has an important role in maintaining good health. Winter stores fat, proteins, vitamins and minerals to rebuild and insulate. Spring, as illustrated by its low fat harvest and austere menu, […]

Dr. John’s Favorite Olive Oil

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 34 seconds Not all olive oils are created equal, according to a recent NPR report. It turns out that olive oil is commonly adulterated, mixed and/or diluted to pass off not-so-quality olive oils as the premium first-press extra virgin oil. Luckily, there is a sure-fire way […]

Get to Know the Kitchari Cleansing Bean

Mung dal

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 1 second Mung beans, or what are known in India as Dahl, were first domesticated in India in 1500 BC, and are the main ingredient in kitchari – the primary Ayurvedic super-food used to cleanse the body. It is no wonder that it became a staple […]

How Much Hunger can a Blocker Bean Block if a Blocker Bean can Block Hunger?

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Average Reading Time: 1 minute, 44 seconds Researchers have discovered the “hunger hormone” and it is called ghrelin. The key to losing weight and fighting hunger cravings, say some researchers, is to block ghrelin, as less ghrelin means a smaller appetite and fewer cravings. Studies have linked folks with weight management […]

Don’t Miss This Critical Blood Test

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Homocysteine is an amino acid and a breakdown of protein that is found in the blood. The quantity of this amino acid in one’s blood can vary quite greatly. It is found in meat, seafood, dairy, eggs and some seeds and nuts. A recent article in the Journals of Gerontology […]

Paleo Diet – Bugs Gone Wild

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Eating a diet of hunted animals and gathered veggies as the cavemen did may not be as heart healthy as is being touted by the Paleo Diet gurus. New research has found that people who got heart disease had higher levels of a seemingly healthy nutrient in the body called […]

Are Omega-3s Really Necessary?


Could there be one nutrient that supports heart, mood, joint and intestinal health? Well, yes, but few people get enough of it. Studies show that: Lack of this nutrient has been linked to lower IQ’s in children (1). Consuming enough of it may increase brain size, especially in the area […]

Get Smart and Lose Weight with this Saturated Fat

Coconut Oil Video Still

The local people of Kerala, on the southwestern coast of India, claim that the earth’s very first coconut tree came from their soil. They called it the “tree of life” because every part of the tree – the root, the fruit, the leaves, the trunk – is utilized in a […]