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In my book, Body Mind and Sport, I cite our groundbreaking research into a “less is more” approach to exercise that has allowed many folks to enjoy exercise perhaps for the first time ever. In this section, you will find numerous articles discussing the benefits of effortless exercise, nasal breathing and exercise techniques, along with tailored exercise programs according to your needs and body type.

Unsung Health Benefits of Nose Breathing

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Average Reading Time: 3 minutes and 17 seconds Slow, deep, abdominal and nose breathing (nasal breathing) has been shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (famously known for the “rest and digest” relaxation response), which is responsible for bodily restoration and rejuvenation. New studies are linking deep breathing to numerous and profound health benefits. (2) […]

Bliss Out While You Workout – Part 3


Average Reading Time: 5 minutes and 45 seconds Idea 1. Decipher between Good Exercise and Harmful Exercise According to Ayurveda, exercise is important, but in the right amounts. If exercise is excessive, it can deplete the body. If there is too little of it, the body can become congested. The right amount is essential for […]

Risks of Vigorous Exercise: New Findings – Part 2

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Average Reading Time: 1 minute and 43 seconds As the cultural pendulum keeps swinging further in the direction of extreme activities, it is enlightening to see new research suggesting we may have gone too far! In a new study presented in the cardiovascular medical journal, Heart, researchers found a link between intense exercise and an […]

Finally, The Research For Nose Breathing Exercise – Part 1


Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 59 seconds If you are a nose breathing geek like me, or obsessed with the “runner’s high,” “the zone,” or “the flow” state, this newsletter will be a gold mine for you! It will offer some very compelling evidence that we can achieve “the zone,” actually enjoy exercise, and […]

3 Ayurvedic Pillars of Effortless Exercise

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Average Reading Time: 4 minutes and 33 seconds As some of you know, I have been tweeting my Ayurvedic Exercise training schedule for a triathlon I competed in this past weekend. I have been asked to share more details about these techniques, which comprise the content of this article.  The Personal Scoop Originally, my 24-year-old […]

Why Slow Yoga?

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Average Reading Time: 6 minutes, 5 seconds Today, yoga classes are available on a drop in, as-needed basis, but traditionally, yoga was prescribed by the family Vedic guru (teacher) whose job was to teach the children the ways of a Vedic lifestyle. This of course included the practices of yoga, breathing and meditation, but also […]

Euphoria: Get the Rush without the Risk

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Average Reading Time: 3 minutes, 14 seconds In my first book, Body, Mind, and Sport, I discussed techniques to experience the co-existence of opposites, also referred to as the zone or the flow during exercise. I called it “the hurricane effect”– the principle by which the bigger the eye of the storm, or its epicenter […]

15 Benefits of Nose Breathing Exercise

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Average Reading Time: 3 minutes, 44 seconds The importance of regular exercise incorporated into a healthy lifestyle and diet cannot be stressed enough in our quest for optimal health and longevity. In last week’s newsletter, I wrote about why nose breathing exercise (or Ayurvedic exercise) is so important as we strive for health and fitness. […]