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In my book, Body Mind and Sport, I cite our groundbreaking research into a “less is more” approach to exercise that has allowed many folks to enjoy exercise perhaps for the first time ever. In this section, you will find numerous articles discussing the benefits of effortless exercise, nasal breathing and exercise techniques, along with tailored exercise programs according to your needs and body type.

Excess Belly Fat Linked to Memory Loss

abdominal fat memory loss image

In a recent study published in the journal Neurology, 4,323 men and 2,764 women over 65 were evaluated from three different French cities. Sixteen percent of the subjects had blood sugar issues related to excess abdominal fat, blood pressure issues and unhealthy cholesterol levels. All the subjects were given a […]

Increase Fat Burning by 36%!


Not getting the desired results from your exercise routine? New research has shown that long, slow endurance exercise like going for a long bike ride or run may be making you store more fat and eat more food than you need. Long distance cardiovascular exercise has been shown to decrease […]

Exercise Increases Brain Size

weight lifting brain

New studies show that regular, moderate exercise has a beneficial effect on the brain as we age. With more than half of adults over 85 experiencing cognitive or memory issues, a little exercise may go a long way. (1) Neuroscientist Art Kramer at the University of Illinois scanned the brains […]

How to do Sun Salutations

The ˜sun salutation’ is a complete Ayurvedic exercise also known as Surya Namaskara. This series of postures simultaneously integrates the whole physiology including mind, body, and breath. It strengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups, lubricates the joints, conditions the spine, massages the internal organs and increases blood flow […]

Short Periods of Exercise Protect Chromosomes

telomeres chromosome image

A recent study demonstrated that short periods of exercise protected the chromosomal caps, called telomeres, against stress-induced damage. Researchers believe that the length and health of the telomeres – which are pieces of DNA at the end of each chromosome – is linked to cellular aging (1). Sixty-three women were […]

Too Wiped Out to Work Out?

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Are you feeling too tired to exercise, even though you know how good it is for you? Or are you frustrated with poor workout results? Most folks are either too fatigued to get a good workout in, or they work hard, sweat a ton, and invest a lot of time […]