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In my book, The 3-Season Diet, I discuss how nature has 3 growing seasons. The spring, summer and fall are the growing seasons, with winter as nature’s dormant season. In this section, learn how to eat with the seasons, according to your body type and the natural digestive cycles, and the importance of eating regular meals in a relaxed way.

Are GMOs Actually Getting Into Your Genes?

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 10 seconds When corn was both genetically modified to be immune to Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup and to be foul-tasting to insects, most researchers thought that such genetic traits would be limited to their own genetically-modified corn. Boy, were they wrong! Concerned consumers, organic farmers, and environmentalists were concerned that […]

How Your Circadian Rhythms Impact Your Microbes


Average Reading Time: 3 minutes and 39 seconds Circadian rhythms are the light and dark cycles that are as old as the very first life forms on Earth, according to a new study. (1) All life, so it seems, had to be intimately connected to the cycles of the sun to continue to evolve. One […]

An Unlikely Prebiotic You Already Love

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 24 seconds Who doesn’t love a good piece of chocolate? I know I do, and I’m sure many of you would say the same about the glowing feeling you get from eating chocolate. It turns out that not only is chocolate chock-full of delightful health benefits and mood-boosting properties, […]

Chocolate: From Bean to Bar


Average Reading Time: 5 minutes and 18 seconds It’s hard to say “no” to chocolate when the research is so compelling. There are so many studies touting the health benefits of dark chocolate and cacao. (1) Cacao comes from the species of theobroma, or “food of the gods,” and has been consumed as far back […]

Coffee: The Good, The Bad, and The Ayurvedic Perspective

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Average Reading Time: 8 minutes and 51 seconds In recent years, we have seen an astonishing amount of research being published touting the health benefits of coffee. The question is: do these studies negate the health risks reported in studies past? We know that caffeine consumption is highly prevalent in our culture; studies between 2001 […]

June Superfoods

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 28 seconds A transitional month in Ayurveda, June is an exciting month as spring finally starts rounding the bend towards summer. Depending on where you live, June can feel like the middle of summer or like the April showers of spring. While we suggest to eat off the Spring […]

Guar Gum: Finally, A Healthy Food Additive

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 29 seconds Finally! There is a food additive that is actually derived from a plant rather than an army of genetically-engineered bacteria. Guar gum is derived from a legume (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) commonly called the cluster bean. Eighty percent of the world’s production of this food emulsifier comes from India. […]

Recovering from the Low-Fat Era

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Average Reading Time: 4 minutes and 36 seconds After almost 60 years of being told that cholesterol is “Public Health Enemy No. 1,” along with an overwhelming amount of science debunking the “cholesterol theory,” (2,3,4) the prestigious Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which sets the FDA’s Dietary Guidelines, has decided that cholesterol is no longer a […]