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In this section, read numerous articles and watch videos on how to support cognitive health. Memory, focus, clarity, IQ, intelligence, creative thinking and mood all have a profound impact on optimal health and wellbeing. In Ayurveda, it is said that if the body is out of balance, the mind will be also – but it may be more true that no bodily function can be truly balanced if the mind is out of balance.

Brain Fog Linked to Age Spots

radiant brain

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes, 2 seconds About 60% of people studied in the late-middle-age range showed signs of significant brain aging. (1) For years, these changes have been considered just benign age spots on the brain, but new research has revealed their cognitive impact. Once called simply “age spots,” these […]

Brain Fog? Don’t Forget this Herb

bacopa speciosa

Bacopa monnieri is the most potent and effective nerve and brain tonic in the Ayurvedic apothecary. It has been used for centuries to help people of all ages learn and remember new information. It has also been traditionally used to support mood and cognitive function. In the ancient Vedic texts, […]

The New Source of Intelligence

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Recently, I reported on how the microbes in the gut have a measurable effect on the mind and mood. For example: In one study, the fecal matter from fearless mice was replaced with fecal matter from anxious mice. The result was that the fearless mice became anxious. When reversed, the […]

Excess Belly Fat Linked to Memory Loss

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In a recent study published in the journal Neurology, 4,323 men and 2,764 women over 65 were evaluated from three different French cities. Sixteen percent of the subjects had blood sugar issues related to excess abdominal fat, blood pressure issues and unhealthy cholesterol levels. All the subjects were given a […]

Is Your Brain Shrinking?

Is Your Brain Shrinking?

New research has revealed that a common vitamin deficiency is responsible for causing the brain to actually shrink. Loss of brain size has been linked to decreased brain function, energy and cognitive decline. (1) Researchers have found that when three simple vitamins are combined, significant support for heart health, brain […]

Vedic Memory Secret

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Thousands of years ago, before the written word, the Vedas were recorded in hymns. The Rig-Veda which is one of the longest of Vedic recitals would take 8 hours to recite. This was done of course by memory or maybe more accurately, by heart! That kind of memory simply doesn’t […]

Are Omega-3s Really Necessary?


Could there be one nutrient that supports heart, mood, joint and intestinal health? Well, yes, but few people get enough of it. Studies show that: Lack of this nutrient has been linked to lower IQ’s in children (1). Consuming enough of it may increase brain size, especially in the area […]

This Is Your Brain on Bugs

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New research in the field of epigenetics has shown that our genes are being changed not only by what we touch but by what we believe, think and experience (3, 4). The fascinating twist is that these experiences, beliefs and thoughts are being processed not just through our brains – […]

Don’t Forget Your Brain!

Video Still Don't Forget Your Brain

Cognitive and memory concerns are a common issue in America. (1) More than half of folks over 85 have some sort of cognitive concerns. (2) The real concern is that, to date, western medicine has found nothing to slow and stop the decline of normal mental clarity and memory. Researchers […]