Blood Sugar Secrets for Health and Longevity

In this very special video and eBook offer, get all the tools you need to make healthful decisions for you and your family.  I invite you to watch the in-depth, detailed video about the hidden sugars in many common ‘health’ foods.  Follow along and test your blood sugar awareness as I present real examples from your local health food market.  The results may surprise you!

Only 10,000 years ago the sweetest fruit was only about as sweet as today’s carrot, according to Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman in his new book, The Story of the Human Body. As a result, we are just not genetically able to handle the hybridized fruits and starches that have all gotten sweeter and sweeter.  Processed foods deliver sugar and indigestible fats into our blood and liver, depleting the body of essential good fats and overwhelming the body with toxic amounts of sugar to do any body good.

At the same time, a dopamine-fueled culture of I gotta have it now prompts us to be always at the beck and call of our latest craving, creating the perfect setup for all kinds of addictions, the most widespread of which is probably the addiction to sugar. You may be well aware of the pre-diabetes epidemic that experts say will affect all adult Americans in the next ten years, but I wonder if you are really aware of the hidden sugars in many so-called “health foods.” My Blood Sugar Awareness Video Quiz, along with this eBook, are attempts to raise your blood sugar awareness and inspire you to stave off some of the havoc that sugar wreaks on the brain, skin, cells, heart, gut, joints and more. Most importantly, I’ll be teaching you how to take responsibility for your blood sugar health in the short and long term.

I encourage you to read this book to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to successfully navigate the blood sugar terrain.

In health,

John Douillard

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  • Corby Jasona

    Good information! I think if we want to go even more in depth, we can talk about the environment in which these products are created (for example, factories that process soy and thus contaminate everything around with sulfur dioxide and other potent gases and dusts), the temperatures at which everything is processed, how much pollution and contamination is allowed (noted and given a pardon) by law to be present in our processed foods, the impact of old, preserved, especially dried substances on our body…! And how did your product remain colorful? And why does it still smell “fresh?” There are few processed foods that don’t have one of these ugly stories, and organics are not exempt! My dad says that a couple chips or a bag of cinema popcorn or eating at a fast food restaurant a time or two a week won’t kill you. And that’s true, and everyone needs one of those people to be reminded of how incredible our body’s natural “alchemy” is. But a great way to maintain a healthy diet is to cut out all food with ingredients and reintroduce them by making them fresh with our own hands. Then we can understand what real healthy food tastes like, stores like, smells like, and we won’t be as susceptible to the fantastic images most companies feed us. Now… I learned some about cooked oils! And I thought I was smart. Thank you for your video, Sir Douillard! (I can call you that, right?)