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This Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to taste the magic of true love, Ayurveda style. Most of us choose gifts commensurate with what we believe our recipients deserve. If they have been awesome lately, we go out of our way and give a really nice gift. If they have been in a funk lately, then a modest gift would seem more fitting.

Maybe this is a carryover from the threat that Santa would leave coal for us if we were naughty and not nice. Perhaps we have been conditioned to give only to those deserving, and we find ourselves weighing and balancing our love with the value of a gift.

Has love become such a commodity that we can trade, borrow, hoard or withhold it?

The Vedic premise, “as in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm” offers some credibility to my favorite analogy, which says that we are like the sun. The sun gives light, warmth, life and you could say love to everything at all times – it cannot not shine.

Let’s say the sun took offense at our chopping down the trees it gives light and energy to, or our killing of the livestock that it so graciously gives its precious vitamin D for survival. What do you think the sun thinks about the moon? For billions of years the sun has shined light on the moon and nothing – not even a sprout! Let’s say that the sun decided that we, Earth, didn’t deserve its gift of light. What do you think would happen to it?

If the sun decided not to shine its light on the moon, the earth or even into the deep space of nothingness, I imagine the sun would implode on itself. In the same way, when we decide that someone does not deserve our love and hold it back from them, we implode.

The thought process required to hold back your love from one person, and give a little to another and a lot to someone else, but only when they all deserve it is an incredible stress. That stress is processed right through the gut, wiping out the healthy intestinal microbes which make the neurotransmitters that govern your state of mind and overall health. (1)

Your goal can be to become the source of love – be like the sun, that never stops shining, and shine bright! Do you love your wife, partner or husband? If you do, act on it – love them fully. Love them with no expectation of receiving anything in return, and love them not only because they deserve it. Love them because it is your nature to love, just like it is the sun’s nature to shine, and when you act on this truth, you cannot stop, buffer or control it.

Shine on,

Dr. John

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This Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to taste the magic of true love, Ayurveda style. I believe that, no matter who you are, where you are, or what your situation, True Love is at your fingertips. Join me for this hour long talk on one of my all-time favorite discussion topics. Learning how to love is learning how to live!

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