New to the Emotions of Ayurveda?

Learning to love is learning to live. In learning to love freely and openly of others, we can learn how to truly be and love ourselves uninhibitedly. When we hold back our emotions, hold back a little bit of our love from people who are close to us and choose only to show ourselves our share ourselves in small doses or hidden glimpses, we are effectually only preventing ourselves from getting in touch with our true potential and ultimate selves.

john-douillard-perfecting-digestionA groundbreaking course from Dr. John Douillard DC that shows you how to achieve emotional freedom by perfecting digestion. Produced and delivered by our good friends over at Floracopeia, we are thrilled to be able to offer this course jointly with them. Perfecting Digestion: the Gateway to Emotional Freedom is a powerful course that will train you to reset the balance of the body and bring emotional freedom of the mind. Dr. Douillard will be your guide in this inspiring, profound, and practical seven module course that includes two question-and-answer sessions.

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