How Much Protein Do You Need? (you’re probably not getting enough!)

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 54 seconds Candice joined me for one of my east coast weekend seminars in early November a handful of years ago. She had been dealing with lifelong insomnia, worry and anxiety that she had for as long as she could remember. She had been a strict vegetarian for 20 […]

The New Super Ghee: 500 Times More Potent


Average Reading Time: 4 minutes and 16 seconds You have probably heard by now that grass-fed is better than grain-fed when it comes to your meat or dairy products. Well, the differences might amaze you! Cows grazing grass pastures with no supplemental feed had a whopping 500% more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in milk fat […]

Mushroom and Leek Croquette

Mushroom and Leek Croquette

Recipe and photo by Emma Frisch Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook time: Not including the rice – About 35-45 minutes Yield: About 30 croquettes Allergens: eggs Ingredients: Ghee – 2 tablespoons, melted (substitute with melted coconut oil) Leeks – 3 cups, finely chopped Mushrooms – 3 cups, minced Brown rice – 4.5 cups pre-cooked Parmesan […]

Tarragon, Turnip and Watermelon Radish Gratin

Tarragon, Turnip and Watermelon Radish Gratin

Recipe and photo by Emma Frisch Prep Time: About 10 minutes Cook time: About 45 minutes Yield: 4 servings Allergens: dairy Ingredients: Turnips – About 3 turnips, very thinly sliced Watermelon radish – About 3 watermelon radish, thinly sliced – mandolin (you can substitute regular radishes if you can’t find watermelon radish) Ghee or coconut […]

Episode 18: Nature’s New Year – Spring’s Prescription for Perfect Health


Each spring, nature makes dramatic shifts as part of its New Year strategy for optimal health of all beings. After a long winter of a diet rich in heavy foods and hard-to-digest proteins and fats, we have likely packed on some needed winter insulation. As always, mother nature has a master plan. This plan involves a […]

Episode 21: The Chocolate Effect


Date: Monday, June 8th Time: 5:30pm MT (4:30pm Pacific, 6:30pm Central, 7:30 Eastern) Register here to receive reminder emails for this live video podcast! Everyone seems to have a love affair with chocolate. Some maybe more than others. In one study, women preferred chocolate to sex! There are over 300 chemicals in chocolate that have […]

Solutions to Night Work and Jet Lag Stress

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Average Reading Time: 2 minutes and 37 seconds In a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, more than 3200 workers were evaluated over a 10-year period to measure the effects of shift work (working nights) on cognitive function, productivity and safety. (1) The study suggested that shift work and chronic jet […]