Too Tired to Sleep?

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Are you having trouble falling and/or staying asleep? When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, those of us who have trouble will try anything. Sedatives, be they herbal or pharmaceutical, offer short term symptomatic relief at best. The most common theory relating to sleep issues is that excessive […]

Dangers of Frequent Eating


Do you wake up and prepare six small healthy meals and pack them individually in Tupperware or plastic baggies? I don’t! Neither did our ancestors and, contrary to what you may have been told, neither did the hunter gatherers. For them, it was feast or famine. Our very presence as […]

Teleseminar: Stress-Free Holidays

Stress-Free Holidays Air Date: Dec 14th, 2011 Playtime: 01:01:25 Link: Download mp3 (to download, right click and click save file) Listen: Live Teleseminars with John Douillard are dynamic, hour-long teleseminars on a wide array of topics blending Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science! Each teleseminar incorporates Live Q&A from our audience, […]

Menopause and Menstrual Cycle Symptoms: It May Not Be Hormonal

PMS and Menopause

Over the years I have worked with countless women suffering from uncomfortable and/or painful menstrual cycles. Often, these same women who experience problematic periods throughout their childbearing years also experience more symptoms during menopause. Many of these women have been led to believe that their issues are hormonal. Birth control […]

Longevity: The Ayurvedic Secret


Sadly, aging has become nearly synonymous with a handful of age-related diseases. But what if these diseases all had a common denominator – something that, if nipped in the bud, would lower your risk of not just one, but most of the diseases that plague us as we approach old […]

Coffee: The Good, The Bad, and The Ayurvedic Perspective

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In recent years, we have seen an astonishing amount of research being published touting the health benefits of coffee. The question is: do these studies negate the health risks reported in studies past? In this newsletter, I will dive into this very controversial issue of coffee – when it comes […]