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Test Kits: Do-It-Yourself

Glucose Meter Test Kits

Blood Sugar (Glucose) Monitor Today, one-third of Americans qualify as pre-diabetic, but 90% of them don’t know it, according to the CDC. (1) Rising blood sugar, even within the medically-considered normal range, has been shown to increase the risk of dying of a heart attack or stroke by 40%, as well […]

Greens Reduce Insulin Resistance

greens for insulin resistance bicep made of spinach image

Green leafy vegetables are rich in a plethora of nutrients required for optimal health. They are particularly high in the vitamin K1. Vitamin K1, or phylloquinone”which is most abundant in green leafy vegetables”is most well known for supporting normal calcium delivery for healthy bone density and coagulation in the blood. […]

Feel Great After the Holidays

We are all busy planning for the holidays, but not for the post-holiday effects on energy levels, mood, and waistline, which can be less than glamorous. This is the time of year when most of us start craving a change. The holidays are also a time of great emotional intensity. […]

Breathe Away Emotional Stress and Pain

deep breathing woman on beach image

Research reported on by Georgetown University Professor Candace Pert suggests that deep breathing is an entry point to access an information network responsible for coordinating and governing the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, as well as the psychology of the human body. Dr. Pert discovered the role certain neuropeptides play […]

Iodine Deficiency

Iodine Deficiency_lg_2012

Perhaps one of the most significant risk factors for optimal health is the potential for nutritional deficiencies. One of the most important and prevalent deficiencies today is the current lack of iodine in our diet. Here are some statistics: In the last 30 years, according to the National Health Nutritional […]

Can a Married Man Resist a Beautiful Woman?

oxytocin married man contemplating his ring image

A new study published in Journal of Neuroscience measured the effects of the hormone oxytocin on men who were approached by a very attractive woman. Oxytocin is known as the bonding hormone. At birth, this hormone is released by the mother and it literally bonds the parents and child for […]